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Baby-friendly workplaces


A few smart companies have realized that being family-friendly is good business. See the page on the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother's employer for some information on this.

What can a company do to be baby-friendly? Here are a few obvious possibilities. While it might look like a company could not afford to spend money on these, in fact it is to the company's advantage to do so. Just one quick example: all of these measures greatly decrease employee turnover rates. Assuming that recruiting and training a new employee costs about $50,000, you can see that providing several months of parental leave, three years of nursing breaks, and maintaining a lactation room would easily save you money. Of course, the exact range of benefits that would be profitable for a given company would depend on many factors, most importantly the size of the company (a bigger one could easily employ a lactation consultant, for example, whiel a smaller company might find it easier to accommodate flexible working hours to provide nursing breaks).

Here are some companies that provide lactation rooms and other baby-friendly features:

If you know of more baby-friendly companies, please fill out the baby-friendly company submission form! Note that a company must provide lactation rooms or at least nursing breaks to count as baby-friendly.

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