Forms and Checklists for Child Care, Safety etc.

There are many forms, checklists, safety suggestions and more to help you if you are running a child care, are a teacher, a concerned parent etc. From field trip permission slips to background checklists, and even Halloween safety, you’ll find a variety of resources below to help you out.

Printable Forms

Child Care & Daily Reports Printable Forms
Field Trip Permission Slips
Medical Forms ~ Printable Forms
Sample Contract and Forms
Miscellaneous Forms ~ Printable Forms

Child Care Checklists

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment and Checklist
Child Care Checklist for a Day Care
Daycare Safety Checklist

Safety Checklists

How to Make Kids Seaworthy and Boats Child-Safe
Kids’ Room Ideas: Lighting for Fun and Safety
Let It Snow: Your Guide to Snow Safety and First Aid
Halloween Safety Tips for Children
Home Playground Safety
Plant Safety Checklist and Treatment Guidelines
Bike Helmet Safety Tips for Children
Home Safety Checklist and Assessment for Children
Bathtime Safety – Seven Life Saving Tips
Toy Suggestions and Safety Tips for Tiny Tots
Holiday Safety Tips and Checklist for Children