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Zipper Rubbings
You'll need different colored crayons, a piece of white paper and a variety of zippers from jackets, duffel bags, jeans, purses, etc. Lay the zipper as flat as you can on a table. Place the paper on top of the zipper then using the side of a crayon, rub it over the zipper. Do this with different kinds of zippers in different colors all over the paper.

Marble Painted Zebras
white construction paper
zebra pattern
box lid
black paint
Cut out 1 zebra from white construction paper per child, labeled. Place zebra into box lid. Place marbles into black paint. Next place marble into box lid. Have child move box lid back and forth to paint on black stripes.

"Z" Collage
red construction paper
rick rack, various colors
Cut out 1 "Z" per child out of red construction paper. Cut the rick rack into small pieces. Have the children glue on the rick rack to their "Z"s.

Z Creature
Put the letter "Z" on a piece of paper. Have the children make their own letter "Z" creature by adding arms, legs, eyes, and whatever else their imagination leads them to make as part of their creature.

Zany Zoo Animals
If you fold a narrow band of paper on each narrow side of a 9x12" piece of construction paper and then fold the paper in half, it will stand up. Cut an oval or circle shape out of the paper on the "feet" edge. Give the children scraps of paper, foam felt, yarn, glitter, etc to form eyes, heads, tails, fins, horns, beards, etc.

Ziploc Bags
There are now 2 types of Ziploc bags, you may want to offer both types. Place 2 or more different colors of tempera paint in the bag. Let the children zip them shut. Invite them to make "new" colors by mixing them together. For your more adventurous children you may want to place a piece of duct tape over the zipper to keep it closed.



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