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rArts and Crafts

Let the children draw rabbits and add a cotton ball tail.

Painting with Radishes
Cut radishes in half with a sharp knife. Give each child a plastic lid filled with red tempera paint. Have each child draw a large letter R with a red crayon - dip the radish halves in red paint and use them to rubber stamp along the crayon line to make a Radish R.

Raisin R's
Glue raisins in the shape of an R. Be sure to have enough to eat and glue.

Trace each of the children's hands for antlers, cut a large triangle for the head. The children can glue the hand antlers on the top, a red fingerprint nose and two black thumb print eyes.

Paper plate rabbits:
Use a small white paper plate and a large white paper plate. Glue the face parts, i.e.. nose, whiskers, eyes, nose, ears to the small paper plate. Glue on a tail and feet to the large paper plate. Then glue both together. Voila, cute and very individual rabbits!

Sock rabbits
Collect a used white sock from each child and stuff it with stuffing. Then glue on ears, nose, and eyes. Let the children use permanent pens to make the whiskers. Tie off the end of the sock to make a tail.

Rice R
Color the letter R and then glue on rice.

With an outline of a rainbow, color in the different colors.

Paint with the color red.

R is for rectangle
Make rectangle collages include big and little rectangles, thin and fat rectangles.

R is for rain
Cut out an umbrella shapes and let the children sponge paint raindrop shapes with various colors of blue.

R is for rabbit
Make rabbit ear head bands and give the children cotton ball tails and pretend to be rabbits for a day.

Each child gets a white piece of construction paper. You then put various small objects under the paper like coins, paper clips, rulers, etc. Have the children rub over the objects with pencils. You can teach the children about various textures that objects have. You can also play a guessing game, by placing an object under the paper without them looking, and have them try to guess what it is as its starts to appear.

R Art
Make a big R and a little r on a piece of paper and make copies for all the children. Set out glue and different kinds of ribbon cut into short pieces. Let the children choose the ribbon pieces they want and glue them all over their letter R shapes.

Make them using toilet tissue cardboard centers. Cut small circle from construction paper then cut to the center of the circle and then form into a cone shape and glue or paste. Glue to top. Add Christmas tree tinsel to the other end for flames.

Roadway racers
Make cars for the children to have races with from cardboard boxes. Cut off bottoms and top. Paint the box. Add straps using long brads(tape the exposed ends) or use colored telephone wire which bends easily) Add doors and headlights with another color of paint after the first is dry. The children can then be race cars drivers (wearing their car over their shoulders).

Range Riders
Make stick horses from cardboard. Paint. Add yarn manes.

Cut a triangle out of brown construction paper. Put one point down to be the nose. Trace the child's hands to be the antlers. For Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, we glue red glitter to the nose area.



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