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Measuring Snakes
Measure out different kinds of snakes with yarn. The kids will be amazed by how long a boa constrictor really is!

If you ever find a live toad you can show the children this neat fact:
Feel a toad's eyes and you will feel a flat surface. Feel your eyes and you will feel they are rounded. A toad's eye can be used to help push his food down his throat.

Reptile Play
Purchase plastic reptiles and add them to your sand and block areas. Be sure to preface, and follow through, with nonfiction picture books from your local library.

The Chameleon Game
After explaining that chameleons blend with their environment, kids can be chameleons in reverse, finding colors in the environment that match their clothes. People wearing the same color as the rug can lay down there, people wearing the same color as the wall stand against it, people wearing the color of the couch sit on it, etc.

Group pictures of snakes in one row, and pictures of lizards in another, pointing out what makes them different.

Snakey S
The letter S and snake are a good pair. You can color a picture of a snake, and write it's sound. It's very phonetically memorable, if you make the sound while you write it. You can add descriptive words to the discussions such as slithering, slimy, etc. If you have a pretend rubber snake, you can paste it to a piece of paper in the shape of an S.

Frogs of the World
Cut out frog shapes and talk about how poisonous frogs are brightly colored. Let them color their own frogs in the bright red, green, purples, etc. Then make a frog habitat on a poster board with lily pads and a pond - and bugs.

Color Turtles
Cut turtle shapes out of light green construction paper. Give each child a turtle shape and help the child use crayons to draw one dot of red, black, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, white and orange on the turtles back. Then recite the poem and have the children point to each color on the turtles back as you name it.
I can name these colors,
All so very bright,
Red, yellow, blue, purple,
Green, brown and white.
Don't forget the color orange
And the the color black,
These are the colors of the dots
Upon my turtle's back.

Turtle Races
Make three to five turtles and let the children race them. Cut turtle shapes out of green poster board, number or name each one. Punch a hold just above the center of each turtle and put a five to eight foot long piece of string through it. Get one chair for each turtle. Tie one end of each piece of string to one of the legs of a chair. Line up the chairs along the finish line. Have the children who are racing their turtles stand in a row at the starting line. Each child should hold the loose end of one of the strings. Begin the race with the turtles near the children's hands. When you say "Go" the children who are racing should start jiggling their pieces of string so that the turtles bound toward the finish line. The other children should pick a turtle and cheer for it. Which turtle made it to the end first? Which one was last? Race again.


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