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Penguin Shape
Cut out penguin shapes from black paper. Paint with Epsom Salts diluted in water. It makes the penguin look frosty.

Paper Bag or Film Canister Puppets
For the paper bag puppets you simply use a penguin pattern. For the film container puppet you need: 1 film container per child: black with a black lid, white felt circle cut to size for the film container wiggle eyes , orange craft foam (cut out feet and beak)
I made these myself with the hot glue gun. First, cut the lid in half. Cut a circle or oval shape out of white felt to fit the front of the film container and hot glue it in place. The wiggle eyes are glued on the top (the hole of the container is down so the child place it on their fingers.) The beak (orange foam triangle) is glued under the eyes, and the feet on the bottom. The lid halves are glued on each side of the container to stick out slightly.

Penguin Costume
Use a grocery bag and orange construction paper to turn into a penguin! Slit the front of the bag from top to bottom. Cut a neck hole in the bottom of the bag. Cut wing shaped flaps in the sides. Color the bag black and white to resemble a penguin. Form a cone from a triangular piece of orange construction paper. Staple it together and punch a hole in each side. Tie a 12 inch piece of string through each hole. Place the cone over your nose like a beak and tie the strings together at the back of your head. Now put on the bag and have a Penguin Parade!

Penguin Materials
6" X 9" white and black construction paper, one of each per child
Black and yellow markers
Glue or stapler
What to do:
Trace the child's shoe on the white paper and have the child cut out, helping if necessary. This will be Penguin's body. Fold the black paper in half so it measures 6 X 4.5". Trace the child's hand with wrist on the fold. Cut out. these will be the wings. Glue or staple the black wings (folded lengthwise) around the penguins body on each side (kinda over the top of the head and down the sides). Draw eyes and beak with black and yellow markers.
More to do: Glue the penguin on blue paper and use finger tips to print with white paint to create snow all around the penguin.

Paper Plate Penguins
Color or sponge paint the head and flippers black, the feet and beak orange-yellow, and the bow tie any color or design. Cut out these pieces. Glue the head to the back of a six inch paper plate. Glue the flippers near the head, before attaching the feet. Attach the beak and two eye cutouts. Glue on the bow tie cutout. Use a black crayon to color a narrow strip around the exposed plate rim except where it meets the penguins feet. These penguins make an eye catching bulletin board when they are stacked in a pyramid configuration.


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