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Penguin Facts
Do not fly, they hop, walk, or toboggan
Are expert divers and swimmers
Have thick layer of fat called blubber under skin
Do not build nests. The female lays egg, males hold egg on the top of their feet, hunches down so skin covers and warms the egg.
Raise their chicks in colonies called rookeries
There may be thousands of penguins in one rookery

Motor Development
Lie down on your stomachs on scooter boards and pretend to be penguins sledding along the ice.

Fun with Penguins
Make penguin costumes from black and white bulletin board paper (like a large black collar that slips over the head with a white oval on front) and orange beak headbands from poster board. Cover several small white boxes with white paper to be ice bergs. Place them around on the carpet. Then take a rocking' boat and turn it over on the step side, cover it with white paper to be the ice cliff, and place it at the front of the carpet. As the music plays, the children climb the steps, dive off into the water, and swim around the ice bergs gobbling up fish.

Creative Movement
Ask the children to waddle, jump, slip, slide and dive like penguins. Be sure to allow plenty of space for them to move around freely and safely. (You may want to use a large floor mat for protection.)

Penguin Waddle Relay
Divide the class into 2 teams. place half of each team behind lines 6 to 8 yards apart. Place a 6 to 8 inch rubber ball between the knees of the first two people in line and watch them waddle like penguins to give the ball to their teammates behind the opposite line. The teammates then carry the balls back to the starting line and the waddling continues until everyone has had a turn. If the ball is dropped, the penguin must goback to his/her starting point and begin again. The winning penguins are the ones that can waddle the fastest without losing the ball.

Penguin Day
Ask your students to come to school wearing black and white.

You'll need: large pan of frozen water, small items from classroom such as blocks, crayon, and pencil. Talk about where penguins live and the type of climate they need to survive. Show children the pan filled with ice. Let them try to move the blocks and other small items around on the ice so they can feel the cold the penguins need to survive. Slide the items across the ice then across the desk, carpet and other surfaces. Compare the results.

Number Recognition, Counting
You'll need: black ink pad, crayons, white paper. Fold the paper into six sections. Write a number from one to six in each section. Ask the children to put as many thumb prints in each section as the number asks for. Use crayons to turn the thumb print into a penguin. Now practice counting aloud. Hold a number card aloft and work cooperatively to form rookeries (penguin living group) containing that number. Be seated and create a rookery of a different number.

Penguin Habitat
Buy some little rubber penguins at a nature store and fill a 9x13 pan with snow and build a penguin habitat. Build nests out of rocks (pebbles). The really do make their nests out of rocks.

Penguin Central
On white construction paper, photocopy a penguin. Color, laminate, and cut out each penguin. Label each penguin belly with a number. Provide fish-shaped crackers for students to use in this center. To use the center, a student places the penguin cards face up and places the corresponding number of fish shaped crackers on each penguin belly.


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