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Christian Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Ten men healed of Leprosy:
Read the story to the children,Then have the children sing this song
Ten Poor Ailing Men:
(sung to "Kookaburra")
Ten poor ailing men were in a misery
hobbled up to Jesus so he could see
Please loving Jesus please
wont you help us end our misery?
Jesus saw the men looking tired and sore
cured them with a word so theyd hurt no more
Ten Jesus cured all ten
Cured them so they would hurt no more
Nine of the sick men walked away that day
never looking back to give thanks or praise
Sad Jesus was so sad
Selfish men would not give their praise
Then the final man walked to him and fe;;
down upon his knees raised his voice to tell
Thanks Blessed Jesus Thanks!
Said the Lord your faith has made you well.


My ABC Bible song:
(melody:Green Bottles)
A is for Adam the first one God made
B is for Bethlehem where Jesus lay in the hay
C is for commandments the ten that God gave
I read the Bible each and everyday

D is for Daniel in the lions den
E is for Exodus when the people fled
F is the frankincense a gift from the wise men
I read the Bible before I go to bed

G is for Gabriel an angel sent from God
H is for heaven where the angels trod
I is for Isaac Abraham's dear son
I read the Bible a book for everyone

J is for Jesus he prayed "thy be done"
K is for kingdom we say "kingdom come"
L is for Lazarus,the friend that Jesus loved
I read the Bible it comes from God above

M is for Mary the mother of our Lord
N is for numbers Old Testament book four
O is for oil on Saul's head it was poured
I read the Bible I love it more and more

P is for Peter disciple and good friend
Q is for the Queen ,who went to Solomon
R is for Rainbow Gods promise to all men
I read the Bible from beginning to end

S is for Solomon the wisest of all kings
T is for Thomas the one who didnt believe
U is for unleavened-bread without yeast
I read the Bible;I read it faithfully.

V is for vow a promise that you keep
W for the wedding where Christ made wine to drink
X is for Xerxes the famous Persian King
I read the Bible Gods word is everything.

Y is for the young ones Jesus loves them so
Z is for Zacheus who lived in Jericho
These are the words that were written long ago
I read the Bible the greatest book I know.

God so loved the world:
(sung to  "I'm a Little Teapot")
God so loved the world he gave his son
These are the words in the gospel of John
God so loved the world He gave His Son

Busy Bee
(sung to "Row Row Row Your Boat")

Sweep, sweep sweep the floor
Be a busy bee
help awhile you'll bring a smile
To all your family

Rake, rake , rake the yard
Be a busy bee
help awhile you'll bring a smile
To all your family

Wash, wash, wash your hands,
Be a busy bee
help awhile you'll bring a smile
To all your family.

The Prayer Song
(sung to  "Jesus Loves Me")

You can talk to God each day
When you bow your head and pray
God will always answer you
He hears your Prayers and loves you too

Please Pray to God
Please Pray to God
Please Pray to God
And tell God, "I LOVE YOU"

Assorted Blessings

God is great
God is good
Let us Thank Him for this food
By His hands
We are fed
Thank you Lord for our daily bread.

Dear Lord,
We thank you for this food and our many blessings
In Jesus name we pray

Thank You God for Bread,
Thank You God for Butter,
But Mostly God,
Thank You For Each Other!


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