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You Are My Sunshine
Need: tag board circle cutout, yellow tissue paper pieces, yellow streamers, gold glitter, and glue.
Have the child glue the yellow tissue paper pieces all over the circle cutout to cover it. Then sprinkle glitter over circle. Finish by attaching the yellow streamers to the edges to create a sun.

Lemon Prints
Cut a quantity of lemons in half lengthwise. Set several aside to dry slightly. Store the remaining in the refrigerator. Then gather: drying lemon halves, white construction paper, newspaper, and yellow paint. Pour the yellow paint into a pan, and have the child dip the lemon into it. Dab onto newspaper, and then have them make a print on the construction paper. After you finish the prints, make lemonade with the remaining lemons!


gameGames and Activities

Yellow Day Activities
Have a "Yellow Day", where you wear yellow, eat yellow foods, do lots of things outside in the sun. Have lots of arts and crafts that involve the color yellow, or yellow items. You can do these things all on one day, or split them up so that you can do one thing each day. You can also play games that involve yellow: Count yellow counters, name as many things that are yellow as you can, plant yellow flowers and many many more.

Sparkling Yellow Bottles
Fill a 16 oz. empty plastic soda bottle with water and enough light corn syrup to thicken. Pour in glitter, confetti, either in yellow or gold, and seal the bottles securely. Let the children shake and have fun!



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