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Nutrition Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

The Shape-Up Song
Sung to 'Farmer in the Dell'
We're jumping up and down
We're jumping up and down
We're getting lots of exercise
We're jumping up and down.

We bend and touch our toes.....
We kick our legs up high......
We jog around the room.......
We wiggle our whole body....
We stretch up to the sky.......

Basic Food Groups
Here are the food groups:
Dairy, bread, and meat
And don't forest that vegetables
Are important for you to eat.
Have a food from each food group
Each and every day,
And you'll grow strong and healthy -
Good nutrition is the way!

Vegetable Soup game like London Bridges
We are making vegetable soup
Vegetable soup, Vegetable soup
We are making vegetable soup
Now put in the (vegetable of choice).
Take the ________and stir it up,
Stir it up, stir it up,
Take the ________and stir it up
While making vegetable soup.

Growing Song
(tune: Are you Sleeping?)
We need food and we need water
We need sleep, lots of sleep
To help our bodies grow
From our heads down to our toes
Grow, grow, grow
Grow, grow, grow

Meet the Veggies
Tomato: I'm round and red
And juicy too.
Chop me for a salad,
Or dump me in your stew!

Lettuce: Hey, wait a minute!
If a salad you're fixin'
I can stand alone.
No need for the mixin'!

Onion: Chop me and slice me
But keep water near.
I sometimes get juicy
And can bring on a tear!

Carrot: Orange is my color
I stand long and lean.
In the garden you'll see
Just my bright leaves of green.

Pea: I live in a pod
With so many others.
I think I was born
With one hundred brothers!

Green Bean: Look in the garden
You'll see my sign.
Then bring out your basket
When it's pickin' time!

Potato: I've an eye for perfection
To give you the best.
Baked, mashed or fried-
I'll pass the test!

Cabbage: My head is quite thick
So people tell me.
I guess that's the reason
Grocery stores sell me!

Celery: Cut and rinse my stalks,
Then spread on cream cheese.
A refreshing hors d'oeuvre
To make parties a breeze!

Squash: Some call me a game,
A game of good sport,
But I'm really to eat
As a side dish of sorts!

Brussel Sprout: I'm kinda cute
When I'm served on a plate
I'm just a little mouthful.
You can eat six or eight!

Cauliflower: I carry white flowers
To break off and eat.
I'm sometimes served raw,
A nutritious snack treat!

Broccoli: My friends call me trees.
Now that's a funny name.
Though I am a dark green
With stalks just the same.

We're the veggies
You should eat every day!
Now don't make a face.
We're as good as we say!

Cheese Please
(tune 3 blind mice)
Cheese, cheese, cheese we love cheese
Please, please please give us cheese
We like white cheese oh yes we do
Orange cheese taste wonderful too
Yellow cheese is for me and you
Oh, give us cheese

For catalogs listing other free or inexpensive nutrition education materials available from the Meat Board of Illinois (including free Food Pyramid chart) call 1-800-368-3138 (outside Illinois
312-670-9440 or 312-670-9441 (within Illinois)



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