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Egg Arts and Crafts

Clay Eggs
Children can use clay or play dough to create various sizes and colors of eggs. Allow to dry if desired.

Eggshell Mosaic
Save and clean eggshells. Children can color eggshells with markers or paint. Then, have children spread glue on a piece of cardboard. Eggshells can be broken into smaller pieces and placed in glue to create a design.

Sugar Eggs
What you need:
Large egg
Egg white from one large egg (save the yolk for cooking)
1 3/4 cup of powdered sugar
Small plastic figure from craft store, or a photo
Milk lid
Wax paper
What you do:
Use a large needle to open the side of the egg. Break off tiny pieces of the eggshell with your fingers until there is an oval opening in the egg. Separate the egg white from the yolk. Put the egg white in a small bowl. Carefully rinse the eggshell with water. Let dry completely. To make the sugar frosting, add the powdered sugar to the egg white and mix well. use a mixer and add food coloring if you want a colorful egg. Lay the wax paper on your work surface. Carefully holding the egg in your hand, spread the frosting all over the outside using the back of a spoon. Set the frosted egg in the milk lid, the lid will be the base. Spoon a little frosting inside the egg too. Using your finger, dab frosting around the egg opening. You may wish to use a different color here. After you are done decorating your egg with the sugar frosting let the egg set for 2 days. Make sure to leave the egg in a place where it is sure not to be disturbed. Dip the bottom of the small plastic figure ( or the photo) in glue and set it inside the egg. Spread a little glue inside the egg. Shake in glitter. It will stick to the glue, and you can shake the extra glitter out of the egg. Use a butter knife to trim the extra frosting from the milk lid. Glue a ribbon around the milk lid base.
Note: One egg white makes 1/2 cup of sugar frosting which is enough to make 6 sugar eggs.

String Egg
white glue
You may want to experiment with different size balloons to find one that works best for you. Inflate a balloon and tie it. Fill a bowl with glue. Soak string in glue. Wrap balloon with the string. Wrap different ways, up,down,and diagonal to get a better design. Allow to dry completely. Paint. You may want to sprinkle some glitter on the wet balloon after you paint it. Make sure the string is completely dry, then pop the balloon and hang up for a unique Easter decoration.

Outer-Space Eggs
Have an adult help with cracking an egg in two, and use the larger part of the shell. Trim off the excess broken edge of the shell with nail scissors. Have the child put a little white glue on this cut edge to make it stronger. Cut a heavy paper or cardboard base in the shape of large feet. Glue the open end of the eggshell to the feet and let it dry. Attach paper or sticks with glue to form arms and antennae. Paint the little egg man any color that you like best. Add features with paint or felt-tipped marker.

Egg Headband
lightweight cardboard or card stock paper
paint brushes
Start with a strip of lightweight cardboard about 1 inch wide, and long enough to go around your head and overlap a little. glue or staple the ends together. From more of the same cardboard, cut enough egg shaped pieces to decorate the band. Paint the eggs a variety of fun colors, and when dry, decorate with contrasting colors or glitter. Then glue the eggs evenly around the band.

Coffee Filter Eggs
This is great in teaching children how to mix colors. Precut eggs out of the coffee filters for each child. Mix 4 drops of food coloring to 1/4 cup of water in a bowl for each color. Let the children use eyedropper to put the color on the filters. When dry you can glue the eggs onto a sheet of construction paper.

Paper Mache Egg
Make flour and water paste. Using strips of newspaper, soak in paste and wrap around a balloon. Hang up to dry. Pop the balloon. Decorate and hang up to make a decoration.

Make Nests
Put out raffia, straw, yarn, sticks, leaves. Help child put a large ring of glue on construction paper, then add pieces of above to make a nest. Make thumb prints in the middle to represent eggs.

Marbled Eggs
Mix one tsp. coloring, 1 tbs. vinegar, 1 cup hot water, and 1 tbs. salad oil. Eggs dyed in this solution will have marbled coloring.

Tissue Printed Eggs
(An alternative to egg dyes on the market)
Hard boil your eggs as you normally do before dyeing for Easter. Then give children a variety of small square cut tissue paper. Have them paint w/small amount of water over a piece of tissue on the egg. Remove the piece of tissue for a colored print on the egg. Repeat around the egg w/more tissue squares. Let thoroughly dry and you have a colorfully decorated egg!


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