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Noah's Ark Games and Activities


Doves and Olive Branches Game

Use paper olive branches or leaves. Hide them throughout the play area. Designate one child as Noah. The rest of the children are doves. Noah says "Fly away and bring me a branch" The children scatter and look for the branches. When they find one they return with the branches. Designate a new Noah who can hide the branches and repeat the game.


Memory Game

First child says "Noah took a ___on the ark. (animal name goes in the blank)
Second child repeats what the first said and adds their own animal. Each child must remember what has been said and add their own animal.


Noah's Ark

Print the names of animals on a piece of paper, two times. Cut the paper apart and have each child draw a name. Make sure that each name is in the bag twice and they are all chosen. The children must make the movement or sound or both of the animal they chose and find their "mate."

Transition Time

I use this alot. I will use the serving of snack as an example. After all the children are seated I break the kids into "categories". "All the children who have purple on today may get their snack." " All the children that have the number two in their address may get their snack." I do this until all the kids have their snack. Then I pour all the drinks and tell the kids everyone who has Jesus in their heart can line up for their drink. They love to play this and actually ask me to do transitions this way.


Science Ideas
How about making boats for science? I would start out with sink and float activities. You provide water table and various items to sink and float. Children make predictions about which will sink and which will float, then try them out.

Next, provide various materials to construct boats, i.e., wood, styrofoam, paper, model magic, foil, milk cartons, etc. Can they make a boat that floats? Which of these materials floats the best and makes the best boat? Can you make a boat out of duplos that floats? How many little plastic animals can you get on your boat before it sinks?

It would also be interesting to look up different animal pairs. How are the males and females different in appearance and why? After this examination, it might be fun to provide arks made of paper stapled together like and envelope. The kids could draw pairs of animals and cut them out and put the in the ark. Or..... Make a giant ark and make it a group project. Kids add their animals to the ark when they complete them. If you have animal stamps that would be another art project.

Since the story relates to rain, you could do rain and rainbow art activities. I like making rainbows with paper plates on old turntables. Use water color pens, then cut the plate in two to make a rainbow. Rainbows with biocolor and scrapers are fun. Draw rainbows on filter paper that is folded, then spray with water and unfold.

Make rain by putting liquid water color in spray bottles and spraying paper outside.

Drip paint from brushes onto paper to make rain.


Science ideas

What about developing some water activities, floaters and sinkers, building boats.....what could Noah use/not use to build a boat.....what might cause his boat to sink or float.....what kind of boat would you build if you were Noah? Can you set up a work bench?...what kind of tools might Noah use to build his boat?....use hammers...nails...child size hand drill....well supervised--child size saw. Was it easy or hard to use these tools?

Noah chose 2 of every kind.....what else comes in 2's? matching games. Animal hunt....have 2 pictures of each animal...give each child one and hide the other...can they find the matching animal to go on the ark?

develop sound effects to go with your story.....use rhythm instruments... what instrument sounds like the different animals....what sound shall we make when the storm stops and the sun comes out etc. etc. OR make your own instruments.....make rainsticks....make sound shakers...maracas etc. etc.

Float or Sink Experiments:
Add objects to the water table that float or sink. One item to add that makes children think and discover is balloons with different objects inside such as: sand, baby powder, a block, marbles, toothpicks, and just air.

Water Displacement:
Have bowls with water, objects to add to bowl, Put objects in bowl until it overflows. Have children estamate how many things can go in. FUN.


Anything with Animals
is of high interest to children. Take a closer look at one of the animals on the Ark.

Mystery Bag Introduction
Put rainwear items in a bag; umbrella, raincoat, rainboots. Have the children try to guess what is in the bag by asking questions. Have a child pull out one item, talk about what it is used for. Have as many children as items come up and use the items as intended. Mention that it is not raining in the classroom, so they don't really need these things. Tell them "What if I told you it was going to be raining today when we leave?" "Suppose I asked you to wear the raingear all day so that you would be ready?" "Would you get hot?" "Would it be hard to play?", etc. Then you can lead into the story of Noah and how he was asked to get ready for a big rainstorm long before the rain actually started.


Talk about weather, rain, water, etc.
Children love pretending. Act out playing in the rain.
Children"pretend" to put on rainboots raincoat, rain hats, hold and put up umbrellas. Walk around in the "rain". Put puddle shapes outlined with yarn for the children to jump over or into.

Which Will Float?
Using water table or dishpan of water and several objects. Have the children predict which items will sink and which items will float, then try them.


Character Teaching

Noah was kind.
Noah was good.
Noah obeyed.
These character qualities can all be applied to the children in very practical ways.



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