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Sensory Table Activities
If your classroom has a sand/water table you already know what a valuable teaching tool it can be.

For those without Sand/Water Tables. Try these Activities in
· Small containers
· Large pots, pails
· Plastic dishpans
· Plastic baby baths
· Kitchen/bathroom sinks
· Large, flatter plastic tubs (Rubbermaid type)
· Wadding pools (outside)
Also known as sensory tables/bins, these tools allow the children to feel/smell/hear/see and sometimes, taste the media they are using. Almost all thematic curriculum can be incorporated into your sensory table. If no set theme is being used, the options are still unlimited. Sensory tables allow children to extend play and experiences from other areas of the classroom/home. The following is a list of items that can be placed in the table for play and some have listed add-ins that can enhance the sensory item.

Baby oil - water buckets and shovels
Soapy water - doll clothes and clothespins
Wood shavings - scoops
Scented extracts - toothbrushes
Leaves - toy garden tools
Hay - farm animals
Cotton - milk cartons and cans
Pebbles - popsicle sticks
Dirt - plastic flowers and pots
Dry pasta - toy cooking pans
Water and cornstarch mixture - blocks
Dry beans - plastic insects or dinosaurs
Cedar chips - sponge hair rollers
Grains - kitchen utensils (spoons, ice cream scoop, spatula, etc..)
Ice cubes - squeeze bottles and funnels
Flour and water mixture - turkey basters and egg beaters
Sand - rubber hoses, corks, spools and strainers
Popcorn - popped or kernals
styrofoam peanuts
Hog Feed
Aquarium Rock
Ping pong balls
Golf balls
Cotton balls with clothespins
Wrapping paper and scissors
Packing peanuts (the cornstarch ones that Discount School Supply packs with are excellent)
Wallpaper sample book pages and scissors
Fresh flowers
Glitter In Water
Glitter With Flour
Pumpkin Goop
Deer Corn
Corn Meal
Colored pasta
Shredded paper ( Hide plastic spiders in it for halloween)
Water with colored ice cubes
Oatmeal - cooked or raw
Garland & scissors
Pine cones
Multicolored popping corn
Lots of old potpourri
Bay leaves
Dried corn
Colored rice
Colorful tinfoil pieces
Dry cereal
Chow mien noodles
Spaghetti (cooked or dry)
Whip cream
Shaving cream
Plastic eggs and straw
Scraps of material
Cut up pieces of felt
Carpet samples cut up
Sand paper
Monopoly houses
Sifting toys
Scooping toys
Plastic astronauts and rockets
Teddy bear counters
Rubber ducks
Plastic fish
Cold and warm water
Coffee grounds
Play-dough with cookie cutters and rolling pins
Objects to make impressions
Magnets and magnetic materials
Marble tower
Potato flakes
Silly putty
Tongs/tweezers with marbles
Small blocks

Styrofoam pieces and tooth picks
Colored wagon wheel macaroni
Disposable rubber gloves with water and freeze
The list goes on and on, all it takes is a little imagination and energetic children!
Water Table Props:
balloons filled with water, basters, blown up balloons, bowls, dish mops, clear plastic containers, dishpans, eyedroppers, funnels, margarine tubs, measuring cups, measuring spoons, paintbrushes, ping pong balls, pitchers, scoops, sieves, sponges, spray bottles, straws, rotary egg beaters, whisks, baking pans, cardboard tubes, craft sticks, gelatin molds, plastic tubing, scoops, spatulas, sorting trays, spoons, whisks, wind-up toys, tongs, sponges, loofas, eye droppers, ladles, slotted spoons and ice cube trays
Homemade Sand Table Sieves
· Aluminum pie pans: Use a nail to poke holes in the bottom of aluminum pie pans. Smooth out any rough edges.
· Plastic Containers: Use a nail to poke several holes in the bottoms of margarine tubs, yogurt cups or whipped topping containers. Vary the size and number of holes as desired.
· Plastic Tennis Ball Containers: Use a nail to punch holes in the bottoms or sides of empty, plastic tennis ball containers.
· Sand Combs: Cut rectangles out of heavy cardboard. On one side of each piece of cardboard, cut a set of notches. Vary the kinds of notches made on each piece. Let your children use the cardboard rectangles to comb patterns in the sand.
· Sockdozer: Fill an athletic sock with 1 1/2 cups sand. Tie the top of the sock into a knot or tie a piece of twine around the top. Let the children drag the sock in the sand to make ditches and designs.
· Measuring Can: Rinse and dry out an empty Parmesan cheese container. Let your children use it to experiment with the concepts more and less by
rotating the top for different pouring amounts.


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