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Arts and Crafts

Moon Rocks
Go on a (pretend) space shuttle to the moon to collect moon rocks (you hide). The kids can then paint them.

Build Robots from various boxes and tubes. After they are dry, paint them with gold paint(or silver). You could do this as a group or individual project.
Moon Craters
Use the bubble wrap that comes in packages and covered it with plaster of paris. Let dry and peel off. Then paint.
Moon Book
Help the children write a story about the moon that goes with a picture of the moon that they painted.
Playdough Fun
Make stars and planets from playdough. Also use playdough as a backdrop for the sky and add glow in the dark stars.
Star Cards
Paint glue on index cards and scatter celestial glitter and confetti.
Make a cone shape from construction paper and tape to make a rocket ship. Paint it silver, add glue and glitter stuff with colorful shredded paper with some strips dangling out the bottom. Run your rocket ship with you through the sprinkler and imagine you're traveling through an ice crystal shower on the moons of Jupiter, cool spots of the universe!
We created a rocket out of washing machine boxes and used ice cream containers from a local ice cream shop for our helmets. We also created space suits out of white garbage bags using permanent markers. We attempted to eat pudding from ziplock baggies through straws to understand how difficult it is to eat in space.
Star Gazers
Give each child an empty toilet paper tube. Cover the end of the tube with a piece of black paper. Let the children gently push a toothpick through the black paper to create tiny holes. Give the children markers to decorate their scopes. To use them, have the children hold their scopes up to the light and look through the uncovered end. This will look like a mini-planetarium.
Splatter Space
Have the children splatter paint a picture. Then tell the students to spread out the star pictures all over their sheet of black construction paper. When they are done give them a piece of white chalk and tell them to connect the stars to form constellation pictures. Then have the children name their constellations. Hang up their constellations on a bulletin board, and title it "In the Night's Sky I See..."
Starlight Mobile
Use cookie cutter shapes for moon crescents & stars (or draw your own) to trace a moon crescent & three stars. Trace around each shape twice onto aluminum foil and cut out the traced figures. Glue the foil crescents to each side of the cardboard moon. Glue tinsel to each of the cardboard stars. Glue the foil stars to each side of the cardboard stars. Tape a dark-colored thread from each star to the moon. Glue a long piece of thread along the inside curve of the moon. When the glue dries, hang the mobile in your window. --
Galactic Mobiles
Dough recipe: 2 1/2 c. Boiling water 2 c. salt 4 c. flour. Add salt to water, then stir into flour. Have the children knead the dough until it is a good consistency for shaping. Let them roll the dough out and use cookie cutters to cut out star and circle shapes. Each child should have a couple of stars and a couple of circles. Don’t forget to put a hole at the top of each shape for hanging. Bake shapes in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 - 3 hours, checking frequently after 2 two hours. Paint them another day.
Space Helmet
You will need: a bag, straws, crayons or markers, long underwear, cereal or oatmeal box, yarn, paper towel tubes, cutting implements (for adult use only) and tape. First, make a paper bag space helmet. Glue or tape on straws to simulate wires, tubes, and other important gizmos one would expect to find on a space suit. (You can also draw them with crayons or markers.) The suit can consist of long underwear or pj's. Before your child blasts off, make an air tank out of an oatmeal or cereal box. Make shoulder straps out of yarn or string (watch young children). To make an air hose, tape several paper towel tubes together (slit the ends to make it easier to combine them), then make cuts every inch or two that almost pass through the tube as if slicing a loaf of French bread. Tape one end to the air tank and the other to the helmet.
Materials: Toilet tissue tubes, Aluminum foil, 1/2 circle taped or stapled into cone shape, Glue, Brushes, Crepe paper strips (red), Tape. Keep circle halves cut and ready to use. (A coffee can lid makes the perfect size nozzle if cut in half.) Give each child a toilet tissue roll and a sheet of aluminum foil to wrap around the roll. Staple together the half circle to make a cone shape. Child should glue the cone onto the roll. Now tape on crepe paper 'flames' from the bottom of the roll.



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