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Arts and Crafts

Sandpaper Rubbings

Cut out shapes, numbers, letters or anything else you may desire from sand paper mount on cardboard if the sand paper is flimsy. Place a sheet of paper on top of the sandpaper cutout.  Using the side of a crayon, rub until the cutouts appear!

Sand Paintings

Have children "paint" on cardboard with watered down white glue.  Then have them sprinkle colored sand onto the glue.

Having children "draw" with a pigmented glue stick (such as Elmers, Crayola or Uh) works well also since they may have more control of the stick as opposed to the paintbrush, and they can see what they are drawing. Glue sticks also allow for more detailed drawing.




Make cactus by shaping bread dough into a cactus shape and then inserting uncooked spaghetti into it for the needles. Then let dry over night.




Make cactus shape from green construction paper per child.  Color rice green (green food coloring, alcohol in zip lock baggie, shake, spread out to air dry).  Children glue rice onto cactus. 



Blooming' Cactus

Provide students with a tag board cut out cactus, have the students color the cactus green.  Allow students to glue toothpicks for the prickles and add a torn piece of pink tissue paper for the bloom. Find various pictures of the desert (there are tons of different cactus, mesquite trees, desert animals, sand dunes) paste them on card stock, add labels under each picture, and laminate to hold up better, and bind to make a desert book. 



Desert picture

Since we don't live near the desert, I keep a travel book with desert scenery  in the bookcase.  For the activity, I provide a piece of construction paper, cutouts of several different types of cactus, tissue paper to crumple in tiny balls to represent cactus flowers, sand and glue.  The children place their cactus and flowers where they want on the paper, and then glue on lots of desert sand.




Cut out a large size cactus from white construction paper.  Have the children paint or color the cactus green. You can even have them glue green tissue paper for a special effect. Break up tooth picks and glue them on the cactus for the prickly needles!



Make a Cactus

Show children pictures of different cacti. Give each some green plasticine or play-doh and have them create their own cactus. They can stick toothpick all over to represent the prickles on the cactus. These cacti can be added to a display of sand and toy desert animals.



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