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Family Arts and Crafts

My House
Use a milk carton cut in half and cover with construction paper. Have children add windows, doors, trees, Etc. cut from construction paper (or draw on details) to resemble the child's house. Have the children draw the members of their families (they always want to include the pets also) on tongue depressors and place them into the house. When finished the children form a town and take their "family members" to visit other families.

Dough House
The children are given a shape of a house. They are then supplied with play dough cutters that are in the shape of a mother, father, child, dog, cat and fish. The children are instructed to dip the appropriate family members in paint and then put in their home. Label the figures with the family member's names.

Special Hands
Trace the child's hand print twice. Cut out. Also cut out a long rectangle (this will be the arms). Glue one hand print on either end of the long rectangle (arms). Write on the arm part: My family is special because ___________________. Have the children finish the sentence.

Friendly Rainbow
Make a rainbow of our hand prints when studying friends. Just lightly draw on the arches of the rainbow on a large piece of butcher paper. Use different colors of paint to paint the children's hand prints and make a beautiful rainbow.

Make a collage of pictures of things we like to do with our friends and family.

Hand Mural
You can also make a mural with their hand prints becoming flowers. Paint on stems and some grass with their hand prints for the flowers. Title it "Friendships bloom in our classroom."

Family Puppets
Give each child a cut out of a person (kind of like a gingerbread man pattern). You can use the multi cultural colored paper (of course!) then the kids can decorate and make any family members they wish to. Then attach them to popsicle sticks and there you go.

Family Collage
Have the children go through magazines and find pictures of all the things their mothers do. Cut them out and glue them onto construction paper. The same can be done for dad. Another variation is to have the children cut out pictures to represent the people in their family and the things they like to do as a family.

Family Diorama
Bring a shoe box for each child.
Have the children:
Paint a background on the inside of it.
Make stand up pictures of your house and family.
Glue the pictures in your box.

Family Mobile
Illustrate a picture of each member of the family. Include the pet if the child has one. Cut out each family member. Glue each picture on strong paper or cardboard. Hang your pictures on a hanger with yarn or string to make a mobile. Print the last name on a piece of paper and fasten it to the hanger. Hang your mobile in the classroom.

Family Tree
Encourage your children to talk about all the people that belong in their family. Mother, father, sister, brother, grand parents, aunts and uncles. To make a family tree you will need: an orange juice can for each child, a small branch from a tree for each child, construction paper cut into circles and punched with a small hole, string or wool and some plaster of paris. Cover the can with paper and decorate. Go for a walk and have each child pick a branch to put in the can 2/3rds full of plaster. Allow to dry overnight. Ask the children to draw a picture on one side of a circle and you write the name of the family member on the other side. Punch hole and thread - hang on tree.

Family Tree
Give them each a tree shape drawn on a piece of paper and sponges cut into apple shapes have them sponge paint the apples onto the tree to represent each family member provider will write names on the apples.



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