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Family Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Song-"I Love Mommy" (or Daddy, Brother, Sister, Etc.)
(tune: Frere Jacques)
I love Mommy, I love Mommy.
Yes I do; yes I do.
And my mommy loves me,
Yes, my mommy loves me,
Loves me too; loves me too.

Some families are large. (spread arms out wide)
Some families are small (bring arms close together)
But I love my family (cross arms over chest) best of all!

Title: A Day with Dad
My dad works in an office downtown,
And when he's home, he works all around.
He cleans up dishes and that job's hard;
Then he rakes up leaves and mows the front yard.
But Dad always finds some time for me,
And that's what makes a family.

Title: Divorce
I didn't understand at first
why Daddy went away.
I thought that it must be my fault
because he wouldn't stay.
Did he still love Mom and me?
'Yes,' he said, 'Of course.'
'Then,' I said, 'Explain to me:'
'What does it mean, 'divorce'?'
This might be a good time to talk about divorce, and that it means that both parents still love their children very very much.

Both Fingerplays above, Divorce, and A Day with Dad are copyrighted by Terry Graham and published in Fingerplays and Rhymes, Humanics Limited. Both are used with the author's permission. Thank you, Terry!

Sung to 'The Teddy Bears' Picnic'
Let's all go to the woods today,
We're sure of a big surprise.
Let's all go to the woods today,
We'll walk there side by side.
We know that we'll have lots of fun,
We'll eat and play and dance and run.
Today's the day we have our family picnic!

Materials: Felt-tip markers. Making the Puppets: Use felt-tip markers to draw two eyes, a nose and a mouth on each finger of one hand.

My Family
Here is Daddy. (thumb)
Here is Mommy. (index)
Here I am for three. (pinky)
Together we're a family,
As happy as can be! (clap!)

My House
Here are the windows,
Here is the door.
Come on in, I'll show you more.
Here is the kitchen, the living room too.
A bathroom, three bedrooms, and a room for you!
An attic, a chimney, and a roof above.
And my house is a home,
'Cause it's filled with love!

My Puppy
My puppy has a doghouse,
just outside my door.
He licks me when I pet him
and wags his tail for more.
He's always there beside me,
no matter what I do.
My puppy is my special friend,
and a family member too!

With My Family
Sung to 'The Muffin Man'
Tell me what you like to do
Like to do, like to do.
Tell me what you like to do
With your family.
Edward likes to rake the leaves
Rake the leaves, rake the leaves.
Edward likes to rake the leaves
With his family.

Let the children talk about what they like to do.

Music In Our Home
Mother plays the violin.
Daddy plays the flute.
Big brother blows the horn,
Little sister keeps the beat
By clanging on a pot.
And I try to sing along
Whether I know the words or not.



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