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Q is for Quilt
Make a class quilt. Give each child a 4x4 square of white art paper. They can draw a picture, create a design using pattern blocks (standard math manipulatives in primary classrooms) or anything else that ties in thematically with a class unit. Glue onto large piece of colored butcher paper. Glue down small yarn bows into each "intersection". Put it up for all to enjoy.

Q is for Queen
Let the girls (and boys) decorate construction paper crowns. Staple on a headband and your room will be full of queens!

Paint with Q-tips. Make structures out of Q-tips and play dough or clay. Let the children take them home after they dry. If using clay, have the children paint their sculptures first.

Make a quilt throughout the year of the children's experiences at school for them to view. Or have each of the children's parents make one square of a quilt, that has something to do with the child and their experiences at child care. Have the children talk about the picture/material/whatever about their quilt square. Then, sew it all together and put it in the book center as a backdrop for the children to wear. If you have an old pioneer creek village, see if they have a demonstration of making quilts and take your children to go and see it.

Quacking for Q
Print Q's and q's on some index cards and print several other letter on several more cards. Have the children sit in front of you. Hold up the cards one at a time. Whenever the children see a Q or a q have them quack.

Quarter Rubbings
Make a large Q shape on a piece of paper. Let the children make crayon rubbings of "quarters" on white paper using different color crayons. The children cut out the rubbings and glue them on the big Q. Variations: The children can also look through magazines for question marks and cut them out to glue on the Q. Glue Q-tips to a large Q.



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