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The Letter O Activity Theme
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oArts and Crafts

Make a wind sock octopus

Make some for the Christmas tree.

Oscar the grouch
Take a film canister, and add a green pompon. Give him some wiggly eyes and glue the film canister lid on top.

Make an owl puppet.

Take a small paper plate and fold in half. Add a cotton ball to the inside and draw eyes on top.

Printing O's
Pour different colors of tempera paint into shallow containers. Set out white construction paper and objects with round open ends, such as cardboard toilet paper tubes, drinking straws, butter tubs of all sizes, and plastic bottles. Invite the children to print O's of various colors and sizes by dipping the open ends of the objects into the paint and pressing them on their papers.

Fruity O Project
Trace a big O and a little O on a piece of paper and make copies for the whole class.Get Fruit Loops and let the children glue them inside the O's. You usually wind up gluing some and eating some as you work. Staple the finished and dried Fruit Loop paper to a bigger piece of construction paper and let the children take them home.

Octopus In The Ocean
Give your child a butter tub to use as a body of an octopus. Have him/her cut out 8 legs and tape them to the lid then put the lid on the upside down tub. Use markers to add eyes, mouth and other features.

Other Fun With O
~Make collages with different colored and sized ovals
~Listen to recordings of opera or orchestra music
~Form O's with your fingers, arms, mouth
~Paint an ocean mural and add octopus and oyster shapes
~Pretend to be an owl
~Bake pretend foods in an a toy oven

Orange Fish
Supplies needed:
oranges (cut in half crosswise, lengthwise, and wedges)
orange tempera paint
construction paper or poster board
Let cut oranges set overnight to dry (printing comes out more distinct). Dip into orange paint and print away!! Kids love all the different designs!!
Or, use a fish reproducible. (Sort of an outline type - no scale detail or anything.) Colored the fins and tail orange. Have a dampened sponge in a pie tin and put orange tempera paint on resulting in a stamp pad. Using their thumbs the children make orange thumb print stamps to be the fish's scales.

"O" Collage
1 "O" cut out of orange construction paper per child
"O" reinforcements
Directions: Have the children stick reinforcements anywhere they wish onto their "O"

Owl Faces
1 9-inch paper plate per child, labeled
7-inch squares of yellow construction paper
cup cake holders
1 black triangle/1 black rectangle per child
Directions: Cut the 7-inch squares of yellow construction paper in half diagonally to make triangles. Have children color the paper plate brown. Help child glue yellow triangle on his/her plate as shown. Then have children glue on two cake holders for eyes. Have children glue black triangle in one eye, rectangle in other in bottom of cups.



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