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N is for name
There are just tons of things kids can do with their names. Here are a few:
1. Make "name" necklaces, using a small piece of sentence strip with their name on it, tied up as a necklace with a length of yarn.
2. Make a "name" chart. Give each child an 8" long piece of sentence strip with their name on it in black marker. Have them color it "nicely". Glue all of the names onto a large piece of butcher paper, hang it in the hallway for all the school to see.
3. Make name puzzles. Take each child's name, write it on an 8" long piece of sentence strip. Write it again on another piece, and this time cut between the letters. The children get to put the names back together. Very good for beginning phonemic awareness in young children.
4. Sing the Name Game song (from the 1960's).

N is for necklace
Let the children make a necklace using Fruit Loops and/or Cheerios.

Make name tags

Make name mobiles
Use different shaped construction paper pieces. Punch a hole in the top and bottom of each shape. On both sides of the rectangle shape, help the children write "my name is". Help the children write their name on the other shapes. You can unbend a paper clip into a "S" shape to attach the pieces together. Attach a piece of yarn to the top of the rectangle and hang up.

Demonstrate how to use a napkin correctly at mealtimes. Let the children fold a white napkin any way they choose. Drop food coloring onto the napkin, one drop at a time. Watch the colors blend together. Carefully unfold the napkins to dry. Glue corners onto construction paper. Cut out frames to put over these "abstract pictures."

Use paper or scrap fabric to cut out necktie shape to decorate.

Draw pictures of the night on black paper. You can glue on golden adhesive stars.

Discuss what and why we have noses. Make a collage of noses cut from pictures. Use scented markers to draw pictures of noses and identify the smells.

Newspaper Painting
Tape large pieces of newspaper on the children's tables or the floor and let the children paint "N" things on the newspapers. Or they could use sponge cutouts of letters and paint their names on the newspapers.

Nuts collage
Save shells from peanuts and other nuts. Break them into smaller pieces. Have the children glue them onto a piece of poster board. (BE SURE NO CHILDREN HAVE AN ALLERGY TO NUTS. NUT ALLERGIES CAN CAUSE SEVERE REACTIONS IN SOME CHILDREN.)

Noodle necklaces to lace
Color rigatoni with food coloring and rubbing alcohol and let dry.

Make from yarn pieces, twigs, grasses and mud! Think of the fun!

Feeding the Squirrel Some Nuts
Take an oatmeal container and put brown paper on the outside and cut two holes out. Glue a squirrel on the inside of the container. What I do is cut some poster board squares and number them from 1 to 20. I purchased different kinds of nuts. I have the children pick a number and then they put that number of nuts in the squirrel home for the winter.



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