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Jumping activities
Jumping races, jumping rope, jumping over things. Pretend to be Jack Be Nimble and jump over a candlestick. Do jumping Jacks, jog.

Jigsaw puzzles

Have many different jars and lids on a tray. Children can match the correct lid to the jar. They can arrange them by size.

Jet planes
Arrange your dramatic play area to be a jumbo jet.

Have different jewelry available for dress up. Dramatic play area can be a jewelry store.

J is for Jar
Bring in an oversized jar, and have the children put a picture of something that begins with J in the jar. You can then play a game, that each child picks a picture out of the jar and has to name it.

Go on a Journey
Take the children on a journey walk and see if you can see anything that begins with "J" . Talk about where you will go, and afterwards have a snack with crackers and different jams.

Jump rope games
Jump rope together, and teach the children different jump rope rhymes.
For instance:
I like coffee, I like tea
I like to sing with the girls(boys) and the girls(boys) like to sing with me.

Jingle Bells
Get different sizes of jingle bells and other items that jingle like keys and see if the children can identify the objects.

Jelly Bean Sampling
Have the children close their eyes and sample different flavors of jelly beans. See if they can determine what flavors they are tasting.

J Box
Before the children arrive, place J items (jack-in-the-box, jar of jam, jug, jacks, etc) in full view. After they all arrive play I spy a J object in the room and give clues until they find it.

Joke Day
Send a note home that tomorrow is joke day. Each child will be allowed to tell one joke. Read a children's joke book.

Learn Japanese
Invite a Japanese person to your class. Make some Japanese food or visit a Japanese restaurant.

Jelly Beans
Estimate the number of jelly beans in a jar. Count and graph jelly beans by color.

Look at jungle pictures. Talk about jungle animals.

Jack Be Nimble
Make a candlestick by putting a flame cut out of yellow paper into a toilet paper roll. Say the rhyme as the children line up and jump over the candlestick.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Make your own. Draw a picture on some paper with lines already drawn on it, then cut on the lines and put it back together again.

Play music on different-sized jars with varying amounts of colored water in them.

Have the children count how many are wearing jeans, count the pockets in the jeans.

Wow! how many kinds of juice can you and your children make? talk about fruit juices and vegetable juices. What kinds of fruit and/or vegetable juice can we buy?

Jello Fun
You will need clear gelatin, food coloring and eyedroppers. Make Gelatin, then once it's formed, place in a sensory tub. Have plenty of eyedroppers for each of the children to use and several colors of food coloring. Have the children fill the eyedroppers with food coloring and insert into the clear jello. The kids will get a kick out of watching the color fill the molds!

Jumping Jacks
Teach the children how to do jumping jacks. Count the number of times you can do them, see how high you can count. You can also call out the letter "J" every time you do a Jumping Jack.

Jump Rope Games
Jump rope; play "limbo"; put rope on floor and played "snake" on the floor where they have to jump over the wild slithering snake as holders shake rope. Here's a jump rope rhyme:
Cinderella, dressed in yellow
Went upstairs to kiss a 'fella
Made a mistake
And kissed a snake
How many doctors
Did it take?
(count until someone messes up)

Make a Job Jar
List different jobs on slips of paper, put them in a jar. Let each child choose one and act it out like charades.

Listen to Jazz

Learn to play Jacks



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