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The Letter G Activity Theme
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gArts and Crafts

Glue gum wrappers onto paper. Try to get a variety of different types of gum.

Glue on grass the kids collect themselves.

Use halves of grapes to stamp all over the letter "G", or alternatively, make fingerpainted grapes all over the "G."

Golden G
Get some gold stickers to put on the "G".

Glue and Glitter
Have the kids use glue to make designs on the letter, then finish with glitter!

Give each child a small box (jello box size is good). give them some wrapping paper and tape. Watch them try their best to wrap up the Gift, but be sure to put something they made inside first!!!

Golden G again
Make the letter "g" on a piece of construction paper and glue on gold glitter to make a golden g. Can substitute green, also.

Magic "G"
Materials needed:
White paper
White candle
Water color paint
Paint brushes
Prior to having the children do the activity print the letter G in uppercase and lowercase on plain white paper by using a white candle. Have the children use watercolor paints to paint over the paper. they will see the magic "G" appear before their eyes.

Oscar the Grouch
Make one with pom poms. Use a film canister for his trash can.

Make Glasses
Use the plastic carriers that hold 6 cans of soda together. Cut them apart so two sections are together. You should end up with 3 pieces. Then use pipe cleaners to create the ear pieces.

Gift Wrap
Let the children decorate paper bags to make gift bags. Or you can decorate plain paper to make gift paper. Wrap up items that begin with "g" such as glue sticks, gum, gumdrops, etc.

Gingerbread People
Cut gingerbread people shapes out of brown construction paper or brown paper bags. Give one to each child. Have the children decorate their shapes with felt pieces,buttons,ric rac,sequins,fabric scraps,etc.OR Let the children cover their shapes with glue and sprinkle on glitter.

Making Green
Place small amounts of yellow and blue posterpaint or fingerpaint inside a ziplock plastic bag. Put sealing tape over the zip part to prevent "leaks". Let the children rub the bag between their hands and discover the "magic color" they can create.

Green Gack
Elmer's glue
Borax Detergent
green paint
small cups
popsicle stick
squeeze bottle
First you need to made a borax solution. A squeeze bottle works the best.
Pour in Borax detergent (about 1/2 inch covering the bottom of a 16oz. bottle -- will make 100 gacks). Add water to the rest of bottle, shake well. Take Elmer's glue, fill each child's cup about 1/4. Then add paint have children stir the solution. Next add the Borax Solution (a good squirt into each cup) Have children stir their gack until there is no more liquid left. THIS DOES TAKE SOME PRACTICE (try it first w/o the kids) Hint: if the gack is still watery stir quickly and if that doesn't help add more glue.



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