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Autumn Holidays - Halloween
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Creative Costumes - Halloween Crafts and Activities
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Creative Costumes for Halloween


As the years have come and gone, parents and children have become more and more creative in selecting costumes, from the adorable to the unusual. Here are a few to choose from!

Check out our homemade face paint here!


green or brown hooded sweatsuit
2 sheets yellow or white posterboard
green felt
2 plastic headbands
craft glue
small stuffed bumble bee

From posterboard, cut out petals. From green felt, cut out long leaves. Glue petals to one headband and glue green felt leaves to the other headband. Put petal headband on head and leaf headband around neck. Glue a small stuffed bumble bee to sweatshirt. You can fashion one from felt or posterboard.


flannel shirt
blue jeans
lief jacket
rubber boots
fishing pole (real or made from a stick or branch)
floppy fishing hat
silver spray paint
black marker
12" piece of yarn
hole punch

Cut four fish out of cardboard. Spray paint silver on both sides, let dry. Use marker to draw an "X" in place of the fish's eyes. Punch hole near mouth of each fish and string from a piece of yarn. Carry fishing pole in hand and sling fish over shoulder.


red beret or other hat
craft paint in several colors
cape or smock
paint brush

Have child wear hat tipped sideways. Draw on a black mustache with eyeliner or face paint. Cut out an artist's paint palette from cardboard. Paint five or six circles in different colors around palette. Hot glue paint brush onto palette or hold in hand.


Yellow or red raincoat
rubber boots (yellow, red or basic black)
toy fire hat
aluminum foil
stuffed Dalmatian toy

Make an axe out of cardboard and aluminum foil. Get dressed and carry puppy!


flannel shirt
straw hat or baseball cap
plastic pitchfork (or fashion from cardboard)
stuffed pig or chicken

Very simple, just get dressed! Carry pitchfork and stuffed farm animal.

Tired Woman

well-worn nightgown
well-worn terry bathrobe
big fuzzy slippers
plastic coffee mug

Get dressed. Put curlers in child's hair. Have her carry a coffee mug and hang a sign around her neck that says "I'm Not a Morning Person!"


brown hooded sweatsuit
dark brown tights
cotton batting or old pillow stuffing
hot glue
white packing peanuts

Stuff tights with cotton batting or pillow stuffing. Fold into a pretzel shape and hot glue in place. Use white packing peanuts as salt and hot glue on.


red, blue, yellow or green hooded sweatsuit
2 matching colored chenille sticks
plastic headband
thin cardboard
silver spray paint

Twist chenille sticks onto headband for antennas. Paint child's face same color as s
sweatsuit. Cut a tummy sized square of cardboard and spray one side with silver paint, let dry. Glue to tummy of sweatsuit.

Pizza Slice

2 sheets of red, yellow or orange poster board
yellow, green, red, and brown construction paper OR craft paint

Cut the posterboard into 2 pie shapes (triangle). Then on one side of each piece, glue on red circles for pepperoni, brown splotches for sausage, green squares for green peppers, and yellow strips for cheese. You can use pieces of posterboard or construction paper, or you can paint them on. Then when you are done, use some more posterboard to connect the two slices, by cutting two long strips and attaching them to the wide end of the slice and draping them over the child's shoulders (imagine those signs that people where in the city streets, the walking billboards of yesteryear). Pizza!


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