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Bubble, Bubble, No Toil, No Trouble

Spook Food For The Fainthearted


by Judie Ryan

When my stepdaughter, Sara, was a teenager, I wanted to give her a Howling-Good-Halloween party. But both my husband and I were working full-time. Plus, in the middle of a lawsuit, juggling family and job, I was really stressed out. The doctored-up store-bought menu I conjured up saved time and made Sara and her gremlin buddies cackle with delight. Later, grown-up ghouls screeched with pleasure at the same recipes. Check suggestions to alter these ideas for little goblins by using less scary substitutes for creepy crawlies.

Pizza Monsters
1. Ready-made pizzas
2. Lots of extra cheese in white and yellow
3. Any extra toppings you want to add
4. Green & red whole peppers, cans of whole black olives, pepperoni, plastic
glasses & nose

Concoct: Open ready-made pizzas. Add extra toppings. Cover entire top of pizza with plenty of extra white or yellow cheese to give your face a good solid background color. Use peppers, olives, pepperoni to make funny faces by cutting nose, mouth, eyes, eyelashes etc.. Decorate and cook following package instructions. Add any plastic glasses just before serving, after pizzas have cooled slightly.

Pumpkin Pie Faces
1. Ready-made pumpkin pies
2. Kool Whip or equivalent
3. Cinnamon
3. White paper
4. Pencil
5. Scissors
6. Red & yellow, or orange food coloring

Concoct: Set out pies. Cut paper to fit the tops of pies. Draw simple jack-o-lantern faces onto paper circles. Make a stencil by cutting out the eyes, nose & mouth. Put Kool Whip into bowl and color until light orange. Frost pie. Place stencils lightly on top of Kool Whip, then sprinkle the cinnamon over the holes to create wacky pumpkin faces.

Eyeball Brownies
1. Ready-made brownies or single layer chocolate cake
2. Large Eyeballs of Terror gumballs, usually available in gumball machines at grocery stores around Halloween, or other wacky Halloween edibles. If you don't care if everything is edible, Glow-In-The-Dark Eyeballs will spook up your brownies. For smaller children, use things like pumpkins, smiley ghosts, or cat faces, but glow-in-the-dark unscarey things are cool, if you're going to have the lights down low.

Concoct: Cut brownies into squares. Add one eyeball to each brownie.

Blood Punch with Spider Ice Ring
1. Jell-O or Ice Ring Mold
2. Ice cube trays
3. Various small plastic black spiders, ants & other bugs (colored Gummy bugs or bears for smaller children)
4. Your favorite light colored juice, apple or white grape are good choices
5. Ginger Ale, Sprite, or 7UP
6. Red food coloring

Concoct: Prepare ice in advance. Freeze to slushy one thin layer of ice in mold. Arrange plastic bugs in mold, spider tops to top of ice ring. Cover with water & freeze. Add final layer of water to fill ring completely and freeze. Drop one bug in each ice cube space. Add water & freeze. Use cubes in drink glasses. For punch, mix juice & 7 Up together or make your favorite punch recipe. Add enough red food coloring to make it look like clear blood. Place punch in punch bowl with ice ring.

Candied or Carameled Apples
1. Ready-made. Use as is.

Halloween Cookies
1. Ready-made. Use as is or cook plain sugar cookies and cut into Halloween shapes.

*As a party activity, let guests decorate cookies with store-bought frostings, frosting decorating tubes, & candy sprinkles & decorations.

Creepy Cake
1. Scare up a Halloween cake ready-made from your grocery's cake counter (advance order). I used a green frosted cake with a spider web on it. Try a friendly Jack-O-Lantern or ghost cake for younger goblins. 2. Plastic spiders, one large and many small.

Decorate cake with plastic spiders.

Use leftover spiders, Gummy worms etc. to spook-up your table and have a ghostly, good evening!!!!


About the Author

Judie Ryan is the creator of Eduplates the original education party. She is a parent, teacher and business woman. 


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  Bubble, Bubble, No Toil, No Trouble Spook Food For The Fainthearted   by Judie Ryan When my stepdaughter, Sara, was a teenager, I...

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