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Autumn Holidays - Thanksgiving
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Pilgrim Theme Ideas - Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities
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Pilgrim Arts and Crafts

Pilgrim Bonnets

Use white paper bags, like lunch bags or bakery bags. The adult cuts the bag to about 6 inches long and also cuts off one whole side.

Next fold the end over several times and hole punch about every 2 inches on the fold. The girl then laces yarn through the holes, leaving enough on each side as this is tied under the girl's chin when she tears it. Finally the adult cuts paper doilies in half and the girl glues the doily so the "lace" shows from under the fold. (gluing also secures the yarn so it won't slip later) (The bag bottom is at the back of the girl's head, the bag sides are by her ears, the other side is the top. Lacing goes over the top and down the sides)

Pilgrim Hats

Take 2 full sized sheets of newspaper for each hat and crisscross them. Tape pages together so they don't slip and write name in what will be the inside of the hat. Put newspaper on boy's head and wrap masking tape around the outside where the hatband would go. After that, roll and tape the edges to make the brim. The boy can paint the hat black and add a foil buckle. (The taping process takes two adults) This style of hat can also be used for Easter bonnets, cowboy hats, etc.

Pilgrim Man

You need 2 Styrofoam coffee cups. Paint outside of one cup all black. Paint outside of other cup 1/2 black and 1/2 tan to resemble hair and face of a man. Cut a black circle bigger than the top of the cup for a hat brim. Cut a white square notched out to resemble a collar. Assemble with collar on the bottom, then cup painted 1/2 black and 1/2 tan, tan side toward the collar notch, bottom of cup glued on white collar. Then glue on black circle. Then glue upside-down black cup for hat. Add buckle if desired, and face. Cute!

Second Use for Witches Hat!

Push the point down inside and glue a cardboard circle covered in black felt on top and add a white band with a gold buckle, you will have a pilgrims hat. This is cheap if you wait until after Halloween to purchase the left over witches hats.

Girl Pilgrim Hat Favor

white Styrofoam cup
construction paper in skin color of choice
blue yarn or ribbon
small treats
white glue

Cut a circle from construction paper slightly larger than the opening of the cup. Draw a face in the middle of the circle and then draw hair around the face. Fill the cup with treats wrapped in plastic wrap. Rub glue around the inside edge of the cup. Place the face over the opening of the cup and tuck the edges down around the treats.3. Glue a yarn bow at the chin of the face. When the glue has dried, set the favor on its side.

Boy Pilgrim Hat Favors

Paper cup
black, blue, and orange construction paper
black yarn
white glue
small treats

Cut the bottom out of a paper cup. Cover the outside of the paper cup with glue and wrap the cup in black yarn until it is completely covered. Cut a circle from black paper larger than the rim of the cup. This circle will be the brim of the hat. Glue the cup to the brim so that the cut-out bottom of the cup is now the top of the hat. Cut a blue hatband and an orange buckle and glue them in place. When the hat is dry, fill it with small treats.

Thanksgiving Day Feast Centerpiece

Make a paper cutout of a 9" pilgrim hat. Cut several from black Construction paper. Cut hatband from white construction paper. Cut buckle from black construction paper. When project is dry fold hats in half (so they stand up). Glue or staple 4 or 5 hats together along the fold to make a stand up pilgrim hat centerpiece. Can also add: Print out a simple version of Thanksgiving story and glue on the hatband for guests to read.

Make Pilgrim Paper Dolls

Make a boat (Mayflower) out of large blocks/milk cartons cleaned and covered in paper/cardboard boxes etc. provide props for children (pilgrims) to use for dramatic play. Include clothes, maps, telescope, sheets for sails, and any playhouse materials that might be found on board ship.



Make vests from a paper bag (cut armholes in the sides of the bag. Slit the bag up the middle and cut neck area out of the bottom of the bag. Have children cut fringe along the top of the bag.



Make construction paper buckles for taping on children’s shoes.



String macaroni necklaces from colored macaroni.

Put shells on science table and discuss how the pilgrims made use of them as eating utensils etc.

Cut out Pilgrim shapes. Use for crayon rubs.

Have the children make a corn collage.

Seashell pasta collage

Reinforce awareness that the Pilgrims lived in a beach area, but much different than ours

Blue finger paint - Reinforce the concept of the ocean voyage


Thanksgiving Characters

Toilet Paper Roll, Crayons, Glue, Construction Paper, Scissors

Cover roll with black paper. Cut a small circle, draw a face on it, and glue it onto the roll. Other things to add: arms, feet hair hat brim, apron, etc. You can also make Indians and turkeys this way.


Mayflower ships

Give each child a walnut shell half, a small piece of play dough, a toothpick and a small square of white paper for a sail. Let the kids decorate their sails with crayons. Help each child p2 holes in his or her sail. Show the child how to stick his or her toothpick in one hole and out the other hole. Have the kids roll the plaudough into a ball and place in the bottom of the walnut shell.. Then stick the toothpick in the play dough.


Make Pilgrim log houses

Glue pretzel sticks onto milk cartons.

Dress Up Like Pilgrims & Indians

For Pilgrims: make black hats and white square collars out of Construction paper.

For Indians: Make vests out of large brown paper grocery bags. Color

Indian designs on them and cut out holes on the sides for arms and a hole on top for head. Cut the bag down the front for opening. Make a headdress out of construction paper. Cut out a strip long enough to fit on the child's head when the ends are stapled. Staple or glue feathers cut out of construction paper to the headband.

Children may fashion Pilgrims' hats from cardboard and Pilgrims' collars from white napkins to wear as costumes.


Pilgrim Collars:
Use large white rectangle construction paper (about 12" X 18") Cut circle in center to fit around childs neck, and cut a slit going lengthwise from the hole to one end. (This will leave one side open to go around child's neck and over chest, with the other end as a collar behind head. )


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