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Spring Holidays - Easter


Easter Egg Crafts


An Egg Pocket
Cut out two large paper eggs. Cut one in half . Staple the half to the front of the egg....have a pocket. Fill it with paper flowers, bunnies, chicks etc....
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Egg Tree
The seasonal tree lends itself to Easter. Get a branch with no leaves from outside, and "plant" it in a pot of plaster. Let set. Have children bring in eggs. At home, poke hole in both ends and blow the insides out. These can be used for scrambled eggs, baking etc.. Then string fine wire through. Children can paint eggs with pastel colored tempera paints. Be sure to put name on eggs, using masking tape. Hang eggs onto tree branches. Let the children take their egg home when it's time.

Egg Carton Place Card (makes a cute cubby marker)
Cut two cups from a cardboard egg carton for each place card. Glue the two cups together (bottom to bottom). Cut a chick from construction paper. Add features with paper and glue the chick inside the cup. Print a name on a piece of paper and glue it to the front of the cup - put a few jelly beans inside if you want.

Easter Egg Collage
Give each child a large egg shape cut from construction paper. Have the children decorate with anything/everything (glitter, sequins, scrap fabric, foil, buttons, crayons, markers).

Egg Shell collage
Make a collage from crushed egg shells. Egg shells may be colored or white. Brush diluted glue into an outline shape and then place egg shells into the shape. The children can create their own designs or you may provide them with the shape of a rabbit, chick or egg to fill in with the egg shells.

Basket of Eggs
Trace around 2 hands on green paper - cut them out. Cut out a large basket shape from brown paper and four eggs on colored paper - glue the hands(fingers up) as grass behind the eggs and basket on blue paper.

Egg Creatures
Supplies: Eggs (not hard-boiled)
Sharp Nail
Misc. Supplies

Pierce each end of egg with sharp nail. Blow firmly into large end, over dish to catch egg liquid (which you can use for a recipe). Let shells dry. Decorate to resemble rabbits, chicks, or cartoon characters using markers, paint, glued on construction paper, etc. To make stand upright: Cut a strip of sturdy paper 1/2 inch by 4-6 ins. Glue into circle, sit egg in it. This paper stand could also be incorporated into design as a collar.

Giant Easter Eggs
Liquid Starch or Watered Down Glue Large
Crochet Thread

Blow up a balloon and tie a 2 ft. piece of thread to the bottom of it. Cover the entire balloon with starch or watered down glue, using a large paint brush. Wrap crochet thread around the balloon in one direction, leaving small gaps about 1/2 inch wide so the balloon isn't completely covered. Wrapping doesn't have to be perfect. Apply another light layer of starch or glue on top of the thread and wrap with another layer of crochet thread in another direction. Repeat one or more times until the balloon is covered with thread. Hang the balloon from the bottom thread to dry for about 24 hours. When fully dry, pop the balloon and gently pull it out of the thread. Hang the giant egg from the ceiling or place it in a giant easter basket.

Variations: Use multicolored thread or yarn. You can flatten the end of the egg by pressing on it gently so it will stand on end. Leave an intentional opening to set figurines and eggs/candy in. They are very pretty this way. Practical tips: Work quickly before the glue/starch dries or add more when necessary. Handle the egg with care after it dries, as it may cave in if you squish it.

Filter Paper Eggs
Coffee Filters
Food Coloring
Eye Droppers or Straws

Precut egg shapes out of coffee filters. Mix water and food coloring in a baby food jar. (Make several different colors) Let the children use eyedroppers or straws to drip colors on the filter shape. The colors will run together and make beautiful eggs.

Styrofoam Egg
Styrofoam Eggs
Paint Push
Misc. Craft Items

We took big styrofoam eggs and painted them. Then we used little jems from the craft store, like the kind for making jewelry and crafts. We used the flower shaped ones. Get a bunch of pins, the kind with the ball. When inserted through the plastic things, they look like little flowers. Cover the egg in these.

Egg Carton Cup
1. Cut 1 section from cardboard egg carton. Scallop the edge with scissors.
2. For a base, draw and cut out the green leafy part of a flower from construction paper. Then cut a flower with long petals. Glue the leaf section and flower together.
3. Glu the eggcarton section to the middle of the base. Put suckers in the cup.

Crepe Paper Eggs
Cut out several egg shapes from different colors of crepe paper. On a large piece of manila paper, pin eggs randomly around paper. Have children use a paintbrush to paint over eggs with water. Allow to dry. Remove pins and lift crepe paper. Like magic the color from the crepe paper will have appeared on the manila paper.

Stained Glass Easter Egg
Cut an egg shape out of contruction paper. Set the egg shape aside, you will be using the outline that you cut out. Put a sheet of clear contact paper over this outline. Flip it over and then have children glue tissue paper (with watered down glue) to the plastic until the "egg hole" is covered. When it is dry hang it in the window as a stained glass egg!



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Tuesday, 18 November 2008
  Easter Egg Crafts   An Egg Pocket Cut out two large paper eggs. Cut one in half . Staple the half to the front of the egg....have a...

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