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Egypt Arts and Crafts

Clay Play
Have the children create clay statues of a Sphinx or a copy of the Rosetta Stone

Sugar Cube Pyramid
Make a pyramid out of sugar cubes.

Activity Ideas
Papyrus (paper making)
Mummified a whole chicken
Made flour/salt relief maps
Wrote names in cuneiform and hieroglyphics
Made pharaoh and god family trees
Made pyramid with sugar cubes
Made want ads for ancient jobs (a one day study of newspapers)
Made our own cartouche (name plate)
Made paper
Made an outline
Made a food chart and tried as many as possible
Drew floor pan of tomb
Preserved flowers

Items commonly put in Pyramids and reasons why.
Egyptians created the current calendar system.


Egypt Recipes and Snacks

Egyptian Pyramids
1pound of bag of coconut
1 and 1/2 cups of sugar
6 egg whites

Beat the egg whites until stiff. Mix the coconut and sugar and mix into the eggs. Grease a cookie sheet and shape the meringue into pyramids. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minute or until a light brown.




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One comment on “Egypt Themed Activities for Kids

  1. Professor Veronica Irvin on said:

    As I sit here lesson planning in China, an idea, and a rather fun one is coming to me. In order for children to understand mummification a little more you may want to let the give each other foot baths with epsom salt, after soaking their feet ( in resin and natron …. hahahaha) they can wrap the feet in strips of linen, paper, paper towels, ace bandages, etc. If you wish to cross disciplines you can have them count backwards from 70 indicating the average number of days in the mummification process.
    Upon completion pass out chocolate hearts to everyone and they will learn about the heart, too. Take the chocolate hearts out of CANOPIC JARS.

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