Medical Reasons For Not Breastfeeding

Some people decide not to breastfeed for medical reasons. Breastfeeding is usually possible in those cases. However, sometimes it might be too hard or even impossible. Sometimes, too, it may be a better idea not to breastfeed. If you are thinking of not breastfeeding due to a medical reason, or aren’t sure if you should, follow the links below to get some preliminary information. Make sure you consult a doctor before you make up your mind. The information you’ll find on my web page will hopefully help you ask your doctor informed questions. If your doctor disagrees with what you see here, try to get a second opinion. If both doctors disagree, follow their recommendation and e-mail me so I can update my information if necessary.
Here are some possible medical reasons for wondering whether you can or should breastfeed. Follow the links for information on each reason:

  • The mother is sick.
  • The baby is sick.
  • The baby is premature and cannot nurse.
  • You have twins, triplets, or more.
  • You have had breast surgery.
  • You have no glandular tissue.
  • Your breasts are too small or too large or too soft or too perky or…
  • Your nipples are flat or inverted.
  • Your mother (or sister or cousin or other relative) tried to breastfeed but didn’t have enough milk.
  • You tried to breastfeed your previous child or children, but didn’t have enough milk.
  • You have been trying to breastfeed your baby, but don’t seem to have enough milk.
  • Your baby is allergic to your milk.
  • You have been trying to breastfeed, but you have sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples.
  • You have been trying to breastfeed, but you suffer from breast engorgement or mastitis.

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