Take Our Daughters to Work


 By Cheryl Demas of WAHM.COM

The annual “Take Our Daughters To Work Day” always presents a dilemma to Work At Home Moms. What’s a WAHM to do? If you visit the Ms Foundation’s official web site for “Take Our Daughters to Work Day” you will see that the day was created to emphasize the importance of girls’ abilities rather than appearance.” They go on to say, “We support all women in their choices to work in or outside of the home. Take Our Daughters To Work Day is a chance for girls to see their options.”

As an alternative, my oldest has spent the day at work with her dad, which she enjoyed, but once was enough. And my kids see the work-at-home option every day, so seeing what mom does at work isn’t anything out of the ordinary for them. I know work-at-home advice books usually recommend separating the family and business environments at home. But this just hasn’t been practical or desirable for us. My kids really enjoy being involved with my business. And they often give me helpful suggestions too. I think it also minimizes any resentment they might feel towards sharing mom with the business. They feel ownership of “our” business.

But, I still want to give them an idea of the different career options they have.

This year we’re going to try something different. My oldest daughter has a plan for her own web site and business, so I’m going to spend the day helping her get it started. (Now I’ll have Work At Home Kids too?)

As WAHMs, we have a unique situation. Our kids are getting exposed to business all the time, so I suggest we use a slightly different motto. We’ll be doing what we do every day … we “Take Our Work To Our Daughters.”


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