Father’s Day Activites and Crafts for Kids

Did you want to do some fun, educational and engaging Father’s Day activities with children?  If so, you have come to the right place!  Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

Find activities for all ages including toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners.  All our activities are available at no cost and are free to print and share.

Father’s Day Activities

Bookmark For Dad
Cut a bookmark whatever size you would like. Have the children watercolor one side with Q-tips and on the other side put date and message to dad. When dry, laminate it and tie a ribbon through a hole punched out on top.

Pencil Or Crayon Holder
Popsicle sticks
Paint (two or more different colors)
Tomato sauce can (remove one end of the can and the paper)

Paint popsicle sticks whatever colors you have chosen. When these have dried, glue them to the tomato sauce can. These make neat pencil holders for dad.

Puzzle Pictures
8 x 10 pieces of posterboard
Various old puzzles with missing pieces
5 x 7 pieces of construction paper

1. Using the paint, have the children make a handprint on the 5 x 7 piece of paper.
2. Glue the handprints onto the posterboard.
3. Let the children glue the puzzle pieces on the poster board, around the handprint to create a frame.

Father’s Day Cards
Assorted colors of paint
Construction paper
Copier paper
Stickers, crayons, markers, etc.

Talk to the children about things they can do around the house to help their dads. Then help them make a “helping hands” Father’s Day card.

Give each child 4 pieces of white copier paper and have them make handprints on each sheet. When they are dry, make a cover out of construction paper and staple the children’s papers inside. Let the children decorate their covers. The dads can then tear out the pages of the card and present them to the children when they need a “helping hand.”

A Pat On The Back For Dad
Men’s T-shirts
Fabric Paint

Have the children make handprints on the back of the T-shirts, then write “This Dad Needs A Pat On The Back.”

Father’s Day Tie
Cut out ties about 8 – 10 inches long out of construction paper. Have the children decorate them with paints. On the back put their names and date and laminate it. Put a piece of elastic through two holes punched into the top on each side.

Father’s Day Pop-up Card
A ruler
2 sheets of colored paper (approximately 8.5″ x 11″)

1. Hold one piece of paper with the short side at the bottom. Fold in half, bringing the top down. Firmly crease the fold with your fingernail.
2. Using your ruler and pencil, make a dot at the center of the creased fold. Measure one inch to the right of this center dot, and using the ruler draw a straight 2″ line (at right angle to crease). Repeat the measure and cut on the left side. At this point you should have two 2″ slits at the top of your card.
3. Open the card, positioning the center, cut out, section forward. It should form a cube when opened. Crease the front and bottom section of the cube, and close the card, folding the cube flat (facing toward you so that it pops up when you open the card).
4. Take the second piece of paper and glue it to the other side of the card. Your Father’s Day card will be rectangular (approximately 5.5″ X 8.5″) and will open from the bottom.
5. For the pop-up you can draw and then cut out a heart or other design of your choice (make it taller than the box – around 3″ high and about 2″ wide). Get creative. You might want to cut out a picture to place on the pop-up cube or glue on a family portrait. Put glue on the cube section only and fold the card closed, being certain the pop-up lies flat. Your design will pop up, covering much of the cube when the card is opened.
6. Now the fun really begins. You might want to write Happy Father’s Day on the front of your card, with a message to Dad inside. Color and decorate the card, inside and out using crayons, markers, and glitter. Use your imagination!

Frames For Dad’s Rearview Mirror
Here’s a gift every Dad will be proud to display in his car.
Clear Vinyl
Vinyl Tape
Suede Cord
Pony Beads
Vinyl Letters Spelling “DAD”
Low Temp Glue Gun
Scrap of Craft Foam
Wallet-sized photo

Cut a piece of clear vinyl 1/4″ bigger than your photo. Cut a piece of craft foam the same size. Line them up and tape together three sides using colored vinyl tape. Leave the top open but put a piece of tape cut lengthwise at the edge for decoration. Glue suede cord at the edge of the type, all around the frame.

Cut a 12″ piece of suede cord. Tie a small loop on one end. Glue it down the middle back of your frame. Glue on the letters D A D. Tie some pony beads to the bottom. Trim. Give the frame to Dad with an extra piece of cord so he can tie it to his car’s rear view mirror.
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Father’s Day Snacks

Snacks for Dad
Construction paper
Small coffee cans
Clear contact paper
Stickers, paints, markers, crayons, etc.
2 boxes of fish shaped crackers
1 large bag of pretzels
1 large bag of raisins
2 boxes cheerios

First, make decorated snack food containers for Father’s Day. Cut the construction paper to fit the coffee cans. Let the children decorate the construction paper with stickers, paint, markers, crayons, etc. Glue the children’s decorated papers onto the coffee cans and then cover with clear contact paper.

Next, make a Father’s Day snack to put into the cans. Let the children help mix the fish crackers, pretzels, raisins, cheerios, and popcorn together. Fill the cans with this snack.

Souper Soup For A Souper Dad
Each child brings a can of their dad’s favorite soup. Take a piece of construction paper the size of the can label. Let the children decorate the label using markers, crayons, stickers, etc. Make a tag that says, “Souper Soup For A Souper Dad.” Put a stick bow on top of the can.

Chocolate-dipped Pretzels
1 bag of pretzels – logs work well for this
2 bags of chocolate chips
1 teaspoon of butter
Colored non-pareils, sprinkles, coconut, or chopped nuts
Double boiler to melt the chocolate or microwave safe bowl
Kitchen tongs and spoon
Waxed paper
2 cookie sheets

Clear a space on the table or at the kitchen counter to work. This can be messy, but it’s a lot of fun. Set out the pretzels on a plate, along with plates of non-pareils, sprinkles, coconut, or chopped nuts to roll the pretzels in (or spoon over the dipped pretzels).

1. Melt one bag of chocolate at a time, along with one teaspoon of butter. Melting in the microwave is safest when working with your kids. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for one minute and stir. If more heating is necessary, microwave 15 seconds at a time, stirring until smooth. If using the top of a double boiler on the stove, Mom should melt chocolate gradually. Bring the heated chocolate to work table, placing far from the reach of children to prevent burns. Chocolate can be gently reheated, if it gets too hard to easily dip.
2. Using tongs or a spoon, quickly dip pretzels in chocolate or hold with tongs and spoon on chocolate, allowing the excess to run off. Place dipped pretzels on waxed paper lined cookie sheets.
3. Using a spoon, sprinkle the chosen topping on the dipped pretzel and allow to harden. You may need to refrigerate for a while to help this along.
4. Once hardened, remove from sheets and store in a cool location, with waxed paper between layers.
5. To give to Dad, gift wrap a round oatmeal box and lid. It is the perfect size for pretzel logs, and other pretzel shapes can be layered with waxed paper and stored securely. Store in the refrigerator (out of Dad’s view) until the big day! Tie a bow around the top of the wrapped container and then sit back and get ready to impress Dad!




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