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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Bunny themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers and more!

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Bunny Arts and Crafts

Make The White Rabbit
Challenge the kids to make the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. You can give them: white balloons (4 long and 2 round), sticky tape, string, scissors, felt pens, crepe paper, cotton wool and card. See if they remember themselves that he has a stopwatch and a waistcoat.

Ping-Pong Finger Puppet Bunny
Draw a circle on your ping pong ball large enough to put your finger through. Carefully make a small hole in the middle of this circle so that it fits your finger. Cut out two ear shapes which should be 1 cm wide at the bottom. With a paper knife cut two 1 cm slits in top of ball and insert ears. Draw in rabbits face with felt-pens. Make whiskers by threading 3 or 4 lengths of waxed thread through each side of the nose. Use a small ball of cotton wool for the tail at the back.

Bunny Card
Fold a piece of card in ½ and open out again. You can now see the fold line. Draw a picture of a bunny on both parts of the card – the neck of the bunny should be on the fold. Make sure the ears are at least 1 cm from the top edge. Cut round the head carefully – possibly best with a craft knife . Press the head out then fold the top ½ backwards along the line so that the card stands up.

Easter Bunny Basket
You will need the template of the basket. Color in the bunnies and then cut around the bold lines. On each bunny there is a line which needs to be cut to make a slit, on each bunny there is a slit high on one arm and low on the other. On the dotted line fold all 4 bunnies over. Interlock the arms to make a box. Use spare card to make a handle and decorate maybe with a ribbon. Inside fill with green shredded paper and put in some mini Easter Eggs.

Lollipop Easter Bunny Card
Fold a piece of card in ½ . Draw a rabbit on the front (see Easter Folder) and color in. Stick on buttons or felt for eyes. Make 2 slits between rabbits paws and thread lolly stick through the slits. Write message inside.

Bunny Mask
What You Need:
Paper Plates
Paint (and perhaps sponges for painting)
Paper or Felt
What You Do:
Give the children the materials and let them create a bunny mask. Cut holes out for the eyes.. Use yarn for whiskers. Pompoms for teeth and either construction Paper or felt ears. Finally, use either elastic or yarn to tie around child’s head.

1 paper plate per child 2 ears per child cut out of brown construction paper
3 black whiskers per child
Fold paper plate in half and staple it together. Have the children color the
rabbit brown. Attach the ears with glue to the one end of the curved plate.
Glue on 3 black whiskers. Have the children draw on eyes and a nose with
crayons Glue on a cotton ball to the opposite end of the face.


Bunny Games and Activities

MATH Button Bunnies
** Make paper rabbits with numbers on their stomachs and cover with clear
adhesive plastic.
**Pass out rabbits to children and have them put as many buttons on the
stomach as shown by the numeral. Pass rabbits to the left and repeat.

SENSORY Cotton balls
Provide the sensory table with lots of cotton balls and let the children know that bunnies have really soft fur.

Sneaky Bunny Visit
Whilst the children are playing outdoors I hide small easter eggs around the
room. Then I make bunny prints on the floor and carpet. I use talcum powder
with a bunny print template. Shake enough powder to make the print look
real. the children get excited when they see the prints. Often they place
their foot on top and follow them. It’s easy to clean up off the floor (hand
vacuum)and it deodorizes the carpet.

Bunny Hat Match
Cut out different colored bunnies and matching hats. Attach the bunnies to a manila folder and let your children match the hats to the corresponding bunny.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Bonny Hop Relay
Have a bunny hop relay race. Have your children hop like bunnies and pick up Easter Eggs. They then have to hop back and put the eggs in another basket. Then the next child goes.

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Where’s Your Egg?
All the children are sitting in circle. One stands in the corner and counts to ten Easter Eggs. Meanwhile one of the children in the circle is given a paper egg to sit on. . All the children chant: “Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Where’s Your Egg? Somebody stole it from your home. Guess who?” Then the child has three guesses of which child it is. Then the cycle continues until everyone has had a turn.


Bunny Recipes and Snacks

Bunny Food
Talk to your children about the different foods that bunnies eat and then have some for snack (Lettuce, Carrots, etc)

Bunny Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Funny Bunny
Bunny, bunny, bunny, you’re so funny (Smile and put fingers on dimple spots)
With your twitching nose (wiggle nose)
Bunny, bunny, bunny, you’re so funny (Smile and put fingers on dimple spots)
From your head (point to head) to your toes (Point to toes)
Bunny, bunny, bunny your ears are funny (make bunny ears with hands)
They’re too big for you, Bunny, bunny, bunny, you’re so funny (Smile and put fingers on dimple spots)
Everyone loves you (Hug Yourself)

Funny Easter Bunny
Owwwwwww, Owww Bunny is very funny!
I said the Easter Bunny is very funny,
Come on Easter Bunny, you’re very funny

Baby Bunny
Baby bunny dressed in blue (Hold up two fingers like bunny ears)
Met another; then there were two. (hold up two fingers on both hands)
Bouncy bunnies to the left (Move fingers to left.)
Bouncy bunnies to the right (Move fingers to right.)
Bouncy bunnies get in bed (Put head on hands like sleeping)
Off to bed, you sleepy heads (pretend to sleep)

Hop Little Bunnies
Verse 1: Have your children pretend to sleep while you sing.
See those little bunnies sleeping, until its nearly noon,
Let us gently waken them, with our merry tune,
oh how still, are they ill, wake up soon,

Verse 2: Have your children wake up and jump and clap while singing
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, and stop.

Baby Bunnies
Baby bunny bounces high (Jump high)
Baby bunny bounces low (Jump low)
Baby bunny blinks his eyes (Blink eyes)
Baby Bunny waves good-bye (Wave)

Easter Rabbit
A rabbit came to my house once,
With funny,stretched-out ears  (Hands on head like bunny ears)
His nose was full of wiggles, and (wiggle nose)
His eyes were full of fears (point to eyes)
I said,”Why do you twitch your nose?
Is that a bunny habit?
And are you called the “March Hare”
Or called the Easter Rabbit?
He never said a word: but bounced (Hands on head like bunny ears)
Away on pushing legs; (Hop forward)
But, oh, he left behind a nest (Look backward)
Of colored Easter eggs!

Bunny Hopping
Give kids a variety of “hopping” commands such as:
Hop in one place
Hop and turn in circles at same time
Hop on left/right foot
Hop backwards, sideways, make a square or circle
Hop over a line
Hop with a partner
Hop to different rhythms (clap hands, use drum, music, etc

The Fluffy Little Rabbits
Whether your theme is poetry, gardens, spring, or rabbits, this little poem is right in step!
The fluffy little rabbits so soft and white, (Place hands on head to
represent rabbit ears.)
Went looking for some carrots in the dark, dark night. (Look, holding your
hand over your eyes.)
The fluffy little rabbits found a garden so big, (Extend your arms outward.)
So they jumped into the garden and began to dig. (Jump; then pretend to dig.)
They ate the crunchy carrots so orange and bright, (Pretend to eat a carrot.)
Till they heard some footsteps coming and they froze in fright. (Pretend to
be frightened.)
Then the fluffy little rabbits heard the farmer say, (Listen: cup your hand
around your ear.)
“Scat, little rabbits,” and they all hopped away! (Clap once when you say,
“Scat”; then hop.)

Bunny Pokey Sung to: “Hokey Pokey”
You put your bunny ears in
(Place hands on head to make ears)
You put your bunny ears out.
You put your bunny ears in.
And you shake them all about.
You do the Bunny Pokey
And hop yourself around,
That’s what it’s all about!
Additional verses: “You put your bunny nose in, You put your bunny tail in,
You put your bunny paws in”

Hop, Little Rabbit…
Hop, little rabbit, hop, hop, hop,
Hop, little rabbit, don’t you stop.
Hop, little rabbit, one, two, three.
Hop, little rabbit, hop to me.

The Easter Bunny Song
Oh, the Easter Bunny’s coming, she’s the one I long to see.
She’s got eggs in her basket, she’s bringing them to me.
I’m looking out the window and I hope she gets here quick,
I need marshmallow bunnies and a little chocolate chick.

Oh, I love Easter Sunday and it comes round every year
Right now I’m so excited cause the Easter Bunny’s here!
The Easter eggs are lovely, with swirls on them because,
The Easter Bunny paints them with her little furry paws.

We’ll take the eggs and hide them, all up and down the hill,
And I’ll go back to find them with my little brother, Bill.
We will pile up all the goodies and I’ll eat all I can take,
And then end Easter Sunday with a big old belly ache.

Now sing briskly:
Oh, the Easter Bunny’s coming, she’s the one I long to see.
She’s got eggs in her basket, she’s bringing them to me.
I’m looking out the window and I hope she gets here quick,
I need marshmallow bunnies and a little chocolate chick.
I need marshmallow bunnies and a little chocolate chick.
I need marshmallow bunnies and a little chocolate chick.

Funny Bunny
Little Easter, the comedienne bunny,
Tried too hard at being funny.
She juggled and she dropped the eggs
They fell and smashed between her legs.

Poor Easter left the stage in shame
And thought that she might change her name.
But then that little bunny read this ad,
“This Sunday we need help real bad!”

So Easter Bunny kept her name
And through the years has gained much fame,
When Easter’s Sunday comes each year,
She delivers eggs and we all cheer.




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