Halloween Arts and Crafts for Kids

Paper Bag Pumpkins Materials: Lunch size paper bags, Orange paint, Green paint, Newspaper, Construction Paper, String Directions: Have the children crumple up newspaper and stuff their paper bagsso they are full. Twist the unstuffed part of the bag and tie […]

Halloween Party Snacks & Foods Recipes

Spook Food For The Fainthearted When my stepdaughter, Sara, was a teenager, I wanted to give her a Howling-Good-Halloween party. But both my husband and I were working full-time. Plus, in the middle of a lawsuit, juggling family and job, […]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for fun Halloween costume ideas for kids? You will find a vast collection of Halloween costume ideas for multiple themes. Select below to get those creative juices flowing! Cardboard Box Costumes Some adorable costumes have come to […]

Halloween Party Crafts & Activities with Room Planning

Part 1: Let The Games Begin! Planning a room party for your child’s class can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Most of the room parents are very happy to help in the lower grade classrooms. With some […]

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples

Finding Halloween costumes for couples has always been a challenge! Over the last few years I have seen many different ones at Halloween parties. Here are 80 ideas to get you started! Nurse & Doctor Pregnant Nun and Priest Sonny […]

Creative Costume Ideas for Halloween

  As the years have come and gone, parents and children have become more and more creative in selecting costumes, from the adorable to the unusual. Here are a few to choose from! Check out our homemade face paint here! […]

Halloween Makeup, Bruises & Blood – All Homemade

Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun! Enjoy it even more knowing that you and your little goblins prepared their faces for the frightful night. Face paint is inexpensive when you make it yourself, and it’s safer than a […]

Halloween Songs, Poems & Fingerplays for Kids

Spook-E-Do Tell the children that each one of them will have a chance to show the others in the group a trick. Call on a child and lead the group to chant: Hello, (name), Spook-E-Do What is the trick you […]

Halloween Animal Costumes for Infants & Toddlers

Easy Animal Costumes For Infants and Toddlers Children look so cute dressed as fuzzy and furry creatures. Especially with whiskers painted on their chubby little cheeks! Here are some fun animal costumes that are perfect for infants and toddlers, as […]

Halloween Games & Activities for Kids

Halloween Sensory Activity Buy some small plastic jack-o’-lanterns that are meant to be filled with treats. Fill them with cotton balls that have been perfumed with scents from the pantry (pumpkin pie spice, apple pie spice, peppermint extract, lemon peel, […]