Educational Netflix Shows for Kids and Teens

While The Magic School Bus has certainly set a high bar, the landscape of educational programming has started catering more robustly to the adult audience. Thanks to platforms like Netflix, the age-old adage that ‘learning is boring’ is being challenged head-on. Children, teenagers and even adults can learn new things and explore various fields of science with educational Netflix shows.

Without further delay, we present to you the curation of the most educational shows available on Netflix. Continue scrolling to unravel the details about these enlightening Netflix shows!

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Top Education Shows for Kids

1. Octonauts 

The Octonauts, a brave group of eight critter explorers, traverse the ocean in their array of submersible vehicles. Based out of their submarine base called the “Octopod,” they venture across the seas to study marine life in its true habitat. Originating from a popular children’s series on CBBC, inspired by the creative works of authors Vicki Wong and Michael C Murphy, the Octonauts have expanded their reach with two Netflix films showcasing their adventures through Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the mysterious underwater caves of Sac Actun.

2. Peppa Pig

Certainly, there’s no need for reminders about the infectious delight Peppa Pig has been bringing into children’s lives. This exuberant porcine character, along with her adorable family and pals, has been a source of amusement and education for years. Netflix boasts a multitude of seasons that will undoubtedly have your little ones brimming with excitement. Each episode is bristling with subtle educational treasures that turn learning into an enjoyable adventure.

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3. Emily’s Lab

Fortuitously, the time hasn’t come for me to tackle home experiments with my children—like creating a twister inside a bottle. Instead, they’re equally delighted to observe the kids’ host Emily Calandrelli, who, throughout her entire first season, is expecting. She guides her “little scientists” through experiments on the screen. The educational segments cover constructing balloon-powered vehicles prompted by Newton’s third law and crafting vibrant bursts with chemical reactions.

4. Odd Squad

A diverse team of analytical sleuths employs their sharp wits and mathematical skills to unravel complex cases. This television series stands a strong chance of showing the practical importance of mathematics, captivating your young students in the process. They’re bound to pick up some valuable knowledge along the way! You can even then install a VPN for browser and move on to performing themed math problems. Through VPN you can find hundreds of sites with interesting tasks.

5. Ask the Storybots 

How does one get a cold? What’s the reason behind daily teeth brushing? What defines a vertebrate? The critically acclaimed program, which has secured an Emmy award and is presently in its third season, presents us with vibrant, digital realm inhabitants that are eager for knowledge and solve queries with catchy tunes and adventurous field trips. The show’s theme song is a motivational anthem that echoes, “Storybots… aiding children in becoming exceedingly knowledgeable.” It’s utterly rewarding to hear my kids cackling joyfully whilst they absorb intriguing trivia.

6. CoComelon

Children with a passion for vocal expression will be eager to tune into CoComelon. This show is ideal for little ones who are in the midst of mastering their ABCs, digits, classic children’s songs, and additional fundamental knowledge.

7. Dino Hunt

If your young ones are wildly fascinated by dinosaurs—an enthusiasm they’re certainly not alone in—it’s time for you and your family to explore the incredible ‘Dino Hunt’ series.  Although there are only four episodes, they’re packed with adventure as teams of intrepid junior paleontologists set out on quests brimming with fresh finds and insights.

8. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

“The Magic School Bus Rides Again,” a modern revival of the beloved ’90s animated educational program, features the talented comedienne Kate McKinnon—recognized for her notable impersonations of public figures such as Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres on “Saturday Night Live.” In a departure from her satirical skits, McKinnon lends her voice to the character Fiona, who inherits the baton from Miss Frizzle, the iconic teacher from the original series. She ventures with her students on extraordinary science excursions that continue the legacy of making learning an adventure.


We trust that your little ones will love these enlightening kids’ programs on Netflix! Got any favorites we haven’t listed? Drop your suggestions in the comment section!

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