Valentine’s Day Party Games for Kids

Flying Hearts
Glue a red and a pink heart together back to back. Put this special heart plus about three dozen plain hearts in the center of an old bed sheet. The children hold onto all sides of the sheet and gently toss the hearts up and down.

At the shout of “Hearts high!” the children toss the sheet high into the air, making the hearts fly. The child who picks up the most hearts and the one who finds the special pink and red heart are the winners.

Circle Time Heart Match Game
Make a valentine for half the number of children in the group. Cut each heart in half in a zigzag or swirly fashion, so that each cut is fairly unique and identifiable. Each child is given part of a heart and must find his/her partner by matching the valentine halves.

Postman, Postman
Everyone gets to participate in this game involving a hidden valentine. Choose one child to be postman and give him or her the postman’s hat. (Red strip of paper with pink heart that says Postman.) The postman must hide his eyes while you give another child a valentine to hide behind their back.

Then the postman uncovers his eyes and faces his classmates who say, “Postman, postman, where’s the mail?” The postman gets three guesses to find out who is hiding the mail. If he guesses correctly, he continues as postman. If he guesses incorrectly, the person with the mail becomes the postman.




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  1. This was very helpful, toddlers enjoyed the fun rhymes and games.

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