Cultivating Self Respect


Last summer, I began weekly yoga classes. Besides the strengthening, flexibility and stress-relief benefits, I’ve found many surprising lessons from it.

My instructor Vicki often comments about a posture. In regard to a posture called Warrior, for example, she walks about the classroom reminding us to “feel your power and strength”. Regardless of what posture or series of postures we are performing, Vicki always encourages us to draw from our own well of energy, calm, strength, and power.

To be honest, I wasn’t previously aware there was a reserve already in me. I am not an exercise buff in the least. My experience has been within the framework that you have to painfully work in order to get strength. The thing I like about Yoga is it promotes the belief that your strength is already there, no matter what state your body is in.

What a refreshing way to look at your Self. Rather than berate yourself for what you are not, for what you lack, for what you can’t do, turn the tables on your thoughts. Celebrate yourself for what you are. Accept what you have. Congratulate yourself for what you can do. It is within this healthier mindset that true self-respect can grow.

It all comes down to whether you believe the glass is half-empty or half-full. If you measure yourself in terms of lack, there will never be a sense of satisfaction and respect. Try recognizing and accepting without judgement what you. You’ll be surprised at how wonderful you are already.

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