Life throws curveballs. Count on it. Just when you are floating along in your daily routine, and all is well with the world, expect a change. I’m not sure if this happens as a reminder to keep you from growing moss on your soul, or as some strange cosmic joke. Whatever the reason, changes in your daily patterns, although sometimes unwelcome, usually contain some little gem.

Last week, for example, my husband was on a business trip. Since the birth of our oldest child six years ago, he has been away from us no more than two days at a time. That is just the kind of family we are; our idea of a good time is being together. Well, business is business, and we have gotten used to having food on the table every day, so the trip had to be made.

Prior to his departure, I imagined every possible disaster that could befall us. I would explode at the end of each day without him coming home in the evening to relieve me of parenting/schooling the kids. The kids would hold an armed revolt in response to his business trip…especially since it followed so closely on the heels to my own trip. All in all it was a pretty nasty proposition.

The day of his departure was emotionally draining. We all missed him horribly, were overtired, and just plain blue. Somehow we managed to get through it, and accomplish what we needed in the meantime. The remainder of the week got easier, as we fell into a new routine. Towards the end of the week, I actually felt comfortable in the new flow the kid’s and I had created in my husband’s absence. It was a new pattern, but we found a way to make it work.

Strangely enough, when my husband returned, I felt slightly put upon, because he didn’t fit into our new rhythm. I had to remind myself that there were now 2 parents in charge of the kids, and I needed to step aside.

  I imagine that our family life is like a winding stream, going on its way without much care. Last week, a rock was put in the middle of the stream. Rather than stopping the flow of water, it just diverted it to other paths, and eventually the divergent paths rejoined to continue on. It was different, and at times uncomfortable, but last week was lesson that no matter what changes life throws me, I am capable to manage it. It also reminded me that our family, in whatever form, is strong and survives.

  All the best,

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