A Dream Come True


Inspirational-Quote-Problems-and-DreamsBy Brenda

I have been visiting Childfun now for about five months on a daily basis. I love the advice, and wealth of information that it provides. It is wonderful to be able to jump in and look around, read an article, post a note and know that there will be something new to see again tomorrow.

Writing a weekly column for a site like ChildFun is a dream come true for me.

I would like to share a little bit about dreaming with you. Working at home, raising two beautiful boys, and working hard on marriage keep me plenty busy. So, why do I want to make myself more busy? Because I love it. I’m following my dreams. One of my long time dreams has always been to be a writer. I write while my boys are napping or playing downstairs with their father, or off on a trip with Papa.

One aspect to keeping a marriage and family happy is to follow those dreams, and not give up or put them off. Maybe just modify them a bit. Because as the old saying goes: “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” LOL. I have always supported my husbands dreams. The dream to find the right career path. There has been three times in our seven years of marriage where his job dead ended into no forward motion, so three times he found a new direction and headed in it. I am so proud of him for having the courage to do this and I make sure that I am cheering him on all the way.

When I wanted to quit teaching and stay home to raise my boys, he wasn’t too sure. I knew that it was the right decision for our family and ultimately it was my dream. To raise my own family and take responsibility for their upbringing. When I explained this to him, he agreed and now I am fulfilling that dream as well.

Happy people, make happy marriages, and happy children.

So think about those dreams that you have. Are they up on a shelf, ready to be dusted off and tried again? Give it a shot!


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