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Here are some websites that offer free printables for your childcare center or preschool. The idea is to print and work on only one reference or exercise page at a time in order to achieve increased learning retention. Have fun learning on paper!

  • – This website has over 10,000 free coloring pages for kids.
  • Print and Learn for kids – This website has a list of exercises such as math and vocabulary and reference material for young children.
  • ABC Teacher’s Outlet – This website has a list of activity pages for young children so that they can be occupied for hours together.a variety of monthly themes for your preschool.
  • Teaching Treasures index list of free worksheets – The website has worksheets that are ideal for those times when precious spare minutes may be filled with a quick activity. Where possible, answers are provided which may be printed or you can access the answers at any time online or you could make them available offline for your convenience.
  • Preschool Printables – Besides offering free worksheets and other printables for teachers, parents and the preschoolers that they teach, the website also has various CD-ROMS on sale.
  • Teacher Worksheets – This is a highly comprehensive website that has lots of worksheets on topics such as word searches, word charts, calendars, math worksheets, geography and history worksheets, science charts and sheets and more.
  • The Worksheet Generator – The lets you create customized worksheets in less than 5 minutes. You can choose from several vocabulary and math worksheet templates in the “Create a Worksheet” area or just use a teacher-created worksheet in their library of “Worksheets to Go”.
  • Personal Educational Press – You can create free educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes to print directly from your browser by simply choosing a word list and an output style.
  • Free Worksheets, Flashcards and Teaching Resources – The worksheets and resources on this site are targeted primarily at Key Stage 1 (5 – 7 year olds). Some may also be suitable for children in Early Years or lower Key Stage 2. The printables are in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.
  • Theme Units, Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Teacher Tools! – Plenty of themes, lesson plans and worksheets for your preschoolers.
  • Printables & Worksheets from A to Z Teacher Stuff – It offers charts, seasonal and monthly printables, various worksheets and themes.

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