Bubble Letters and Shapes

Learning the alphabet and how to navigate the shapes can be difficult. Although tracing is a viable option, but working with bubble letters or shapes it allows the freedom to understand how the letter is formed.

By adding defined markers indicating the edges, children can learn the different points of the letters. More stickers can be added to define the edges even more if children need the support. Children will work to fill in the letters and shapes at their own speed and ability level. The size of letters and shapes can be increase for younger children or those who are needing more support.

If this activity is being done with a large group of children, it can be easier to have the adult make bubble letters and then photocopy enough for everyone. This approach is also appropriate for those children who are too young to draw their own letters. Children are able to place the stickers on the page, however they may need support depending on the size of the stickers.

Materialsbubble letters start

  • Drawing paper
  • A Pencil
  • Coloring tools
  • Small stickers


Prep work

For this activity, you will may need to help create the individual bubble letters.

Keep in mind not all the letters need to be on the same sheet.

Depending on the individual, you may want to make the space in-between the bubble edges larger or smaller.


Instructionsbubble letters activity

  1. Start by drawing the bubble letters.
  2. Then put stickers on the points of the letters or the edges.
  3. Try to trace inside the bubble letter or shape.



For children who have the skills, they may be able to make their own bubble letters.

Older children may be able to draw inside the lines without the stickers as guidence.


Questions to ask during activity

-Where do you think this sticker goes?
-Should we add more stickers?
-What animal starts with this letter?
-Do you know what sound this letter makes?

You can download this activity here: Bubble Letters and Shapes




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