Weather and Dressing Activities

For some, the effects of the weather and dressing for the weather may need to be taught. This activity is designed to identify when it is appropriate to wear different clothing in different weather situations and why. We can teach through this activity that different clothing is appropriate to wear in certain weather situation.

This activity can be tailored to individuals depending on their communication level. For some who don’t communicate verbally as well, using more images from magazines can promote conversations about the weather. This activity can also be done in a large group setting using images to promote the conversation with a classroom.



Weather Activity - Cold
                        Weather Activity – Cold
  • Colored or drawing paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • Index Card
  • Magazines or clothing catalogs


Prep work

On one side of the index card, write Hot or Cold.

Identify and cut out pictures in magazines that show people wearing weather appropriate clothing, such as jackets or swimsuits.



Weather Activity - Hot
                         Weather Activity – Hot
  1. Choose an image from a magazine of a person wearing clothing dressed to go outside.
  2. Identify if they are dressed for hot weather or cold weather.
  3. Is it snowy, rainy, or sunny
  4. Draw what it would look like where this person is.



Depending on the situation, you can either have everyone work with the same pictures or choose their own to work on.


Questions to ask during activity

  • Do you think they would get cold with what they are wearing?
  • What happens if this person gets too hot?
  • Would the person putting on a hat make a difference?

You can download this activity here: Weather and Dressing Activity

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