Building a House Activity

In this activity, children will work together to build a house using popsicle sticks. They will take turns gluing popsicles to an outline of a house. Together, they will communicate back and forth as the house begins to take shape.


-Popsicle Sticks
-Glue sticks
-Large piece of paper
-Markers to color the popsicle sticks.


Prep work

Arrange small piles of popsicles for each child.

Draw the lines of a house with pencil on large paper.


InstructionsHouse being built

  1. Begin by having children color the popsicle sticks different colors.
  2. Have one child start by placing a popsicle down on one of the drawn lines of the house
  3. Glue the popsicle stick down to the paper.
  4. Take turns and add more popsicles sticks to the outline of the house.
  5. When completed, decorate the house with windows and feel free to draw outside the house.


Optionalbuilding a house activity

For some children who maybe more skilled, an outline of a house may not be needed.

You can also add additional rooms onto the house .


Questions to ask during activity

-What color do you think the wall should be?
-Where do you think you should put this popsicle?
-Who’s turn is it next?
-Does it look like something is missing?

You can download this activity here: Build a House

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