Making Shapes Activity

Fine motor skills, such as cutting using scissors, can be difficult for some. This activity will work with creating shapes using construction paper using two different types of fine motor skills; tearing paper and using scissors. For some children it will be easier to cut out shapes and for others it will be easier to tear.

This is an activity that can be used to help discuss how to cut out different shapes. As a leader, you may need to help guide children on how to correctly hold the paper or scissors. Children may not instinctively know how to cut safely with scissors or how to properly rotate the paper while cutting. You can also demonstrate proper cutting technique while the activity is going on as a way to give a visual cue.



  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • A drawing utensil (optional)
Making Shapes Activity
                  Making Shapes Activity

Prep work

Cut out Circle, Square, Triangle, and Rectangle.



  1. Start by cutting out a circle.
  2. Then, try to rip out a circle shape.
  3. Use scissors to cut out a triangle.
  4. Rip out a triangle shape.
  5. Cut out a rectangle.
  6. Rip out a rectangle shape.
  7. Cut out a square.
  8. Rip out a square shape.



For children looking for more of a challenge, you can cut out more advanced shapes like rhombuses or hexagons.

Some children may need to draw out the shapes before they cut them out.


Questions to ask during activity

  • How many sides does this shape have?
  • How can we cut/tear this to make it smaller?
  • Is there a way we can make this bigger?
  • Look around this room, can you find this shape?

You can download this activity here: Making Shapes Activity

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