Child Care Checklist for a Day Care

Seeking quality childcare for your children requires time, effort, and considerable research on part of every parent. The process of choosing a quality childcare program consists of several stages, which have been described in all the articles listed on this website. To make life easier, given below is a checklist that entails each and every aspect of finding the right program.

The Checklist:

Phase I – Research

1. Have you bought brochures from at least 5 day care centers? [ _ ] 2. Have you researched on the Internet, Local publications, and school notice boards? [ _ ] 3. Have you contacted your local childcare organization or association, if any? [ _ ]

Phase II – Visiting a center

1. Have you taken appointments to meet the director and other personnel of the childcare center, and visit the center? [ _ ] 2. Did you spend at least 25 to 30 minutes inspecting the center for safety? Standards, amenities and other facilities provided? [ _ ] 3. Have you prepared a comprehensive questionnaire to interview the director, and other personnel? [ _ ] 4. Have you checked the credentials of the people working at the center [ _ ] 5. Have you checked the facility for hygiene and cleanliness? [ _ ] 6. Have you made a note of all activities and programs that the facility incorporates for development of your child ? [ _ ] 7. Does the facility meet all legal requirements such as licensing? [ _ ] 8. Have you checked as many references as possible before short listing? [ _ ] 9. Have you interacted with care givers to ensure that they are friendly and dedicated to their work? [ _ ]

Phase III – Financing

1. Have you worked out all costs involved and ensured that there are no hidden fees? [ _ ] 2. Have you approached local childcare associations to avail any subsidies or benefits that you may qualify for? [ _ ]

Phase IV – Monitoring

1. Do you regularly monitor the childcare facility (at least once every 2 weeks.? [ _ ] 2. Do you interact with caregivers often to find out the progress of your child? [ _ ]

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