Toy Suggestions and Safety Tips for Tiny Tots

Toy Safety for one-year-olds
Although most toys appear safe in the packages, you will find that your toddler has the uncanny ability to find all of the parts that will come off the toy and any other things that may pose a threat. When purchasing toys, read packages carefully to determine age-appropriateness. In general, toys for one-year-olds should be:
Too large to swallow
Made of nontoxic materials
Free of sharp edges
Free of points or pinching cracks
Not electronically or battery operated

Toys suggestions for one-year-olds include:
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Child-size musical instruments
Cobblers Bench
Fill and dump toys
Large beads to string
Large building blocks
Music boxes
Non-breakable dishes
Pails and shovels
Plastic Shaped blocks
Push and pull toys
Rocking horse
Simple puzzles
Small riding toys
Snap-lock beads
Stuffed animals
Toy telephones
Wrist bells

Toy Safety for two-year-olds
The toys you provide for your two-year-old should:
Be too large to swallow
Have no detachable parts or small parts that could break off and be swallowed accidentally
Have no sharp edges or points
Be nontoxic
Have no parts that can pinch fingers or catch hair
Have no long cords that could strangle a young child accidentally
Not be electronically or battery operated

Toys are an important learning tool for two-year-olds. They provide children with opportunities to concentrate, solve problems, develop hand-eye coordination, and strengthen and control body muscles. Good toys are not necessarily expensive. Some may be purchased, while others can be made from materials found around the home.

Toys appropriate for two-year-olds:
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Stuffed animals and toys
Large beads to string
Interlocking beads
Hand puppets
Toy telephone
Musical Toys
Playhouse or Large cardboard box
Dolls and accessories
Swing set
Play tools
Unbreakable tea set
Child-size rocking chair
Cobbler’s bench
Safe riding toy
Punching toy
Unbreakable Mirror
Shapes sorting box
Housekeeping toys

Kellie Head is a mother of six and Publishing Editor of The “M” Word—Parenting Humor Magazine.
Information source: State of Illinois Bright Beginnings Preschool Program.



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