New Year’s Activities and Fun Ideas for Kids


Discuss Old and New
Provide examples of new and old items such as shiny and tarnished pennies, worn and new clothing, an empty bottle of pop and a full one, a broken toy and a new toy, pictures of an elderly person and an infant, etc. After discussing old and new, have each child choose one item and have them explain whether it is old or new. Why do they think that? How do the two items differ? What are we able to do with the old items (recycle, give away, cherish…..)

Instead of counting down the new year at midnight have a lunchtime countdown and celebrate with a glass of new year’s punch at noon.
New Year Capsules
This idea can be done in a variety of ways to suit your needs. This one is the easiest and quickest I have used. I usually do this during the first weeks of the year. It’s a great way of getting to know the children and bonding with them.

Toilet Roll
Crepe paper

Children trace their hand on the paper and write their name.   Teacher sits with the child and talks with them, writing notes along all the fingers such as :
* their age
* something about their family
* friends’ names
* pets
* favorite activity
* favorite color
* and what ever else is important to the child

Children draw a picture and teacher writes what the child says about the picture. We store them in a box and get them out at the end of the year. At the end of the year, we give it back to the child. The children get excited to see how they used to draw and how much their hands have grown. Parents enjoy it too and it’s a simple way to see their child’s progress throughout the year. Most of our parents keep them as a treasured memory.

Create a time capsule.
Depending on parental assistance determine a time frame.
1. You could have the children draw a specific picture, write their name, include a few questions like what is your favorite color etc. and take a photograph. Have the children to do the same at the end of the school term and compare the differences with the children.
2. Have the children make their special time capsule: pringle containers provide a great container to decorate. Have the parents and children participate with items to put into the time capsule.

Have the kiddies make their own time capsules by placing pictures and/or writing:
activity to do with their family
activity to do at school
Place it in a tp or paper towel roll and wrap it with special paper.

How about making a time capsule….
decorate a box on New Year’s Eve…fill it with your hopes and goals for the upsoming year…write some of the good things of the past year…then put it up until the next New Year’s Day :).

Drizzle or drop watered-down-glue onto black or dark blue construction paper. Have them use a straw to blow it across the paper. When they have achieved the patterns they want sprinkle liberally with multi colored glitter.

There are variety of noisemakers you can make with sounds that are loud and blaring (yelling through an paper towel roll) to gentle (rice in a toilet paper roll) Save your plastic cocktail glasses from your noon count down party and let the children add colored beads, rice or buttons to one of them and then place another cup on top and tape together with colorful tape.

New Years Punch
6c. fruit juice
1 can frozen lemonade
2 cans of water
2c of frozen sherbet balls
Use a melon baller and have the children help make the sherbet balls. Place on cookie sheet and set in freezer. Mix juices and water, add sherbet.

Happy New Year!
(tune: “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”)
There’s a new year on the way, On the Way!
There’s a new year on the way, On the way!
Let’s celebrate the year and give a cheer!
(Say, “Hooray!”)
There’s a new year on the way, On the way!




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