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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Doctor themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers and more!

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Doctor Arts and Crafts

Cotton Swab Painting
Place cotton swabs, cotton balls, and tempera paint on a table in the art area. The cotton swabs and balls can be used as painting tools.

Body Tracing
Trace the children’s bodies by having them lie down on a large piece of paper. The body shape can be decorated at school by the child with crayons and felt-tip markers. The shapes could also be taken home and decorated with parental assistance.

Eye Dropper Painting
Provide eye droppers, thin tempera paint, and absorbent paper. Designs can be made by using the eye dropper as a painting tool. Another method is to prepare water colored with food coloring in muffin tins. Using heavy paper towels with construction paper underneath for protection, the children will enjoy creating designs with the colored water.

Art Activities:
Make a collage using adhesive bandages, band-aids, gauze, tissues, paper towels

Use eyedroppers and premixed watercolors in a muffin pan to make designs on construction paper.

Draw good health posters (cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands after toileting and before eating, eat healthy foods)

Doctor’s Bags
black construction paper
red construction paper
white chalk
items such as band-aids, cotton balls, Etc.
1. Fold the black paper in half and draw a doctor bag on it so that the fold is the bottom of the bag.
2. Cut it out and staple the sides together
3. Cut a red cross out of the red paper and glue it on the bag
4. Write Dr. (Name) on the other side of the bag
5. Put cotton balls, band-aids, and whatever else you would find in a doctor bag that the kids could play with.

Make headbands for doctors: white strips then a circle for the center that the children cover with pieces of tin foil for the light(mirror).

Stethoscope: Have the children paint each the cupped areas of a egg carton (cut up one for each child) then poke a hole and put a piece of yarn through for their stethoscopes!


Doctor Games and Activities

Stethoscope Fun
If you have access to a stethoscope, let the children listen to their own and others heart beats. Practice finding pulses or take the pulses of stuffed animals in the classroom.

Guest Speaker
Invite a paramedic/doctor/EMT to visit the classroom and talk about their equipment. Role play giving first aid to a child. Take a field trip to a doctor’s office, or to the local hospital. Take a field trip to a pharmacy or drug store. Assemble a class first aid kit.

Place a variety of unbreakable thermometers on the science table. Include a candy, meat, and an outdoor thermometer. Also include a strip thermometer that can be safely used on children’s foreheads.

Ask personnel at a local hospital to save clean, discarded casts. Place the casts on the science table, allowing the children to observe the materials, try them on for size, as well as feel their weight. The children may also enjoy decorating the casts.

Place a stethoscope on the science table for the children to experiment with. After each child uses it, wipe the ear plugs with alcohol to prevent the transmission of disease.

Tongue Depressor Dominoes
Make a set of dominoes by writing on tongue depressors. Divide each tongue depressor in half with a felt-tip marker. On each half place a different number of dots. Consider the children’s developmental level in determining the number of dots to be included. Demonstrate to interested children how to play dominoes.

Set up a Clinic in your Classroom/Daycare
Materials to Have on Hand:
Scrub Center Reception Desk:
Clean jars holding:
-ace bandage
-gauze roll bandages
-band-aids -tongue depressors
-cotton balls
Paper Cups
Paper towels
Paper patient gowns or aprons (men’s old dress shirts)
Rubber gloves Play phone
Can of pencils

Changing Room
variety of shoes, dresses, white or blue dress shirts, white aprons,
hats, wallets and purses with play money.

Reception Table
Magazines, Children’s books, puzzles

Examination Room
soft mat (sleeping bag covered with a sheet) to lay on, or a camping cot.

Have the children role play what it would be like to be sick. Do NOT
include any prescription medicine bottles in your room set up. Remind
the children that only responsible grown-ups give medicine to kids.


Doctor Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

The Doctor In The Clinic
(sing to the tune of Farmer in the dell)
The doctor in the clinic.
The doctor in the clinic.
Hi-ho the derry-o,
The doctor in the clinic.

The doctor takes a nurse…
The nurse takes a patient…
The patient gets help…
The patient gets better…
To The Hospital
(sing to the tune of “Frere Jacques”)

To the hospital, to the hospital,
We will go, we will go.
We will see the doctors,
And we’ll see the nurses,
Dressed in white, dressed in white.

Happy Doctor
(tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)
I’m happy that I am a doctor
I can help to make people feel well
I’m happy that I am a doctor
It makes me feel just swell
I’m a doctor, a doctor
I help to make people feel well well well
I’m a doctor, a doctor
I can help to make people feel well!

The Doctor’s Song
(tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
I use a stethoscope
To listen to your heart.
To help you be a healthy child
And heal you when you’re aren’t.




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