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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Police themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers and more!

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Police Games and Activities

Police people…
Here are 2 ways to observe and collect fingerprints.

Rub a pencil point several times on paper. Rub the child’s finger in the graphite and stick a piece of transparent tape over it. Then stick the tape onto paper.

After doing several of one child’s fingers, observe that each print is the same. But everyone’s prints are different.

Have child touch a metal box. Pour a line of powder at the edge of the box and “blow” gently. With a soft brush, very lightly brush over the box. Fingerprints will appear.

Allow children to use magnifying glasses to examine prints.


Police Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

I Am A Policeman
(sung to: I’m A Little Teapot)
I am a policeman, with my star.
I help people near and far.
If you have a problem, call on me.
And I will be there, 1, 2, 3!

Our Friend
The policeman has many jobs.
They never seem to end.
But this you must remember:
The policeman is your friend.

The Policeman
There on the corner,
in his suit of blue,
The neighborhood policeman
is there to help you.
If you get lost,
he knows what to do.
Just tell him your name
and your address too!

The Policeman
Sung to ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’
The policeman walking down the street,
Down the street, down the street,
The policeman walking down the street,
I wonder who he’ll meet.

Police Officer
Police officers are helpers wherever they may stand.
(Stand with feet apart, hands on hips.)
They tell us when to stop and go by holding up their hands.
(Signal stop by holding up hand and go by pointing index finger.)

Police Officers fingerplay
Five police officers standing by a door——-
One became a traffic cop; then there were four.
Four police officers watching over me—-
one took home a lost boy, and then there were three.
Three police officers dressed all in blue—-
One stopped a speeding car, and then there were two.
Two police officers—how fast they run!
One caught a bad man, and then there was one.
One police officer saw smoke faraway.
He called the firehouse, and the firemen saved the day.




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