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Hawaii Arts and Crafts



Drill or pound little holes in the shells, wire them together for the angel wings, or use them to make necklaces. Shell necklaces would be nice intertwined with the leis.

Shell Art
Get larger shells and let them paint the inside of them using acrylic paints – they could paint anything from nature.

Grass Skirts
Try fashioning grass skirts from paper grocery bags.

Get some silk hibiscus flowers from the craft store. Have the kids string them to make their own leis.

Refrigerator Magnets
1/2 a sea shell (med – large in size)
Spanish Moss
Silk Flower
Silk Butterfly
Ribbon bow

Glue a magnet to the *outside* of the shell (back). Glue Spanish moss inside the shell, added silk flowers/leaves a butterfly and a ribbon and VOILA instant Hawaiian Luau craft!!

Fish Prints
Purchase some large fish (at least 12 inches long) paint the side of the fish any way you wish. Choose to leave out the eye or to color it a different color etc. Using some type of finger-paint paper, press over the top of the painted side of the fish. You can leave this as a flat piece of art or you can go for the other side on another piece of paper.

Try cutting out the dried pieces, leaving a bit of a border, and you can use it as a windsock, with openings at the mouth and the tail. You could also stuff your trophies to mount to the wall. Better yet, stuff it, and tie it to the end of a string and a stick. “Look what we caught in Hawaii Mom!”


Hawaii Games and Activities

Lei Toss
Set a traditional ring toss game up with leis instead of rings!

Pontoon Boats
Make “pontoon” boats out of cardboard boxes and race them.

Have a hula contest using hula-hoops.

Hang 10
Set up a Pacific island scene with a surfboard. Take kids’ pictures while “surfin’!”

Creative Movement
Play Hawaiian music and dance.


Hawaii Recipes and Snacks

Food Ideas
Serve traditional foods such as roast pig, teriyaki and tropical fruits.
Make frozen pina coladas and daiquiris (without the alcohol) for the kids to drink. Serve them in coconut shells and top them off with paper umbrellas.

Volcano Cake
Make a bundt cake with a cup in the middle. Fill the cup with candy and frost with lava-colored frosting.

Hawaiian Popcorn
Pop corn and add coconut flakes and dried fruit.




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