DJ’s Birth Story

Submitted by ChildFun Mama Misty

When I found out I pregnant with DJ it was the best day of my life. All I had ever dreamed of was becoming a mom.

The nine months leading up to his arrival were rocky. I had horrible morning sickness the first 5 months. I was losing weight and getting yelled at by the Doc.

Finally it smoothed out, and I started gaining. When I went for my sonogram at 13 weeks my (ex)hubby nearly passed out when he realized we were actually looking at our baby. Over the final months the Doc would tell at each visit with eyes wide “boy, Misty that’s a GOOD size baby you got in there!” I was scared. LOL

I was sent home in early labor twice. At the time we were living in Albany, New York. All of our neighbors were giving us ideas on how to make the baby come. “Eat a big pot of spaghetti!” or “Eat a homemade pot of lasagna!” Then there was the gross suggestion of “Take a big tablespoon of olive oil!” I tried the spaghetti, the lasagna..forget the olive oil!!

Finally I gave up..then on Jan 7th we made us each a huge Chef Boy R Dee Pizza. I was stuffed. We finally got to bed about midnight. Around 2 am I woke up to make my first of many nightly treks to the potty. I noticed I was having contractions, but tried to blow them off as Braxton-Hicks. Every time I tried to get off the toilet to go back to bed it felt like I had to go again. Finally I got mad at myself, and went to lay down…only to get and go again. Only this time I discovered I was bleeding.

Oh the rush that went through my body. It was time! Except for one minor detail..the contractions were not 5 minutes apart..they were very sporadic. My (ex)dh called the hospital, and they told him to time me for half an hour then call back. We started timing them..they were still all goofy, but I stressed — ever so gently– LIE!! LIE!! LIE!! He lied.

Now we had to call a taxi. By this time it’s about 3:40 AM. We were so scared the taxi driver would see me and not take us. Let’s see here very pregnant woman, needs a cab at some awful hour in the morning. LOL we had heard horror stories about cab drivers not wanting to risk women giving birth in their cab. The cab shows up, and the driver was totally cool. We got to the hospital at 4:20 AM.

Upon my exam, one nurse turns to the other and asks “What do you think she is?” The other nurse thought I was about 4 cm. The first nurse who did the exam was in shock! I was actually almost 7cm and 90% effaced. By 5 AM I was 10 cm and 100% effaced, and ready to start pushing. On a side note…my dh caused a commotion when he started getting sympathy labor pains. I never really had any pain sensations..only a feeling of pressure. All I remember was pushing every position imaginable!

Seems DJ’s head was quite large. Finally at 6:46 AM, DJ made his entrance. Seems my “little” 9 pound baby was sucking his thumb when he came out. DJ was 22 inches long. Today DJ is 6 years old, and is 52 pounds, 4’1″ tall.

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