Alexandria’s Birth Story

Submitted by ChildFun Mama Glenda
November 14, 1991

Here I am..7 years after my first child…a story I’ve told over a thousand times..LOL!

DH and I had been married 4 1/2 yrs..the timing was not the best to have a baby but I took the First Response preggers test and it turned bright pink…we were both in shock! I ranted, raved and cried…DH was sitting the entire time staring. I screamed I wanted my mom!

My pregnancy was not the best. The only thing I can say is I had one bout of morning sickness and that was all. I kept a headache, swollen feet. Had to hear my dr yell that I was gaining too much weight. I was told she would be due Oct. 24th…the 24th came and went…no baby…I was big as a barn…kept running back and forth to the hospital for the stress tests….I had a sonogram at about 6-7 months and was told it “might” be a boy (just lazy and wouldn’t move)…the baby shower passed, Halloween came and went….finally I had my dr’s appt…I weighed 199 lbs! I was told to be at the hospital the next morning to induce labor…this was Nov 13th…

Now, here we are at the hospital….they did things to me that I’ll never forget! The enema was the worst! Finally they started the pitocin, this was 10am….no pain until that..boy, did I beg to be shot! Keep in mind we’re expecting a boy…finally I begged to have an epidural..things were going fast and the dr didn’t want to do it but I had all I could take! It took forever to get the anesthesiologist there but finally I was given the epidural and was expecting some relief…NOT!

The nurse told me to push to speed things along so I pushed like crazy and tired myself out…I kept having this horrible pressure in the pelvic area….finally the nurse came in and checked me (all the while my DH and the nurse’s were watching the soaps)…she started yelling that the baby was coming and whatever it was it had black hair. My dr came running down the hall..barely had time to throw on a gown and we made it to the delivery room…

A few pushes and out came this screaming baby…the dr looked and said “it’s a girl”…of course seeing her I didn’t care what she was! My DH looked at the dr and said (I will never forget this)…”look again”…LOL!!!! Oh yeah..he doesn’t know the difference! The dr said during labor she would weigh about 7 lbs..boy was he off..she weighed 8 lbs 1/2 oz….she was a little short but a FAT healthy baby! It was about 2:16pm…once she got here I was forgotten about..LOL…everyone wanted to see her…I was stitched up which took forever..I was cut from one end to the other if you know what I mean! We named her Alexandria Ferris Baisden (DH’s middle name is Alexander and my maiden name is Ferris)she is known as Allie.

There were 2 other babies in the nursery..she was the biggest there..the nurses called her “the brut”..she was looking around the room and very alert..of course she was almost a month old before getting here!

She’s now 7 yrs old and in 1st grade. I will NEVER do that again! Pregnancy was no picnic! So there’s my story, not much different than anyone else’s LOL….this is long so I’ll end it now..wouldn’t change a thing but I am not doin’ it again! I have tremendous respect for those mother’s that have done this more than once!

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